Welcome back to part 4 of my ongoing Travel Glam 2.0 series. One of my favourite Travel bloggers @MegFabulous has contributed a new post for my ongoing Travel Glam series. Meg has been kind enough to share some of her top tips of how to maintain a good skincare routine whilst travelling. As well as her best skincare product recommendations. Get those coins ready, enjoy.

I usually have a pretty elaborate skincare routine on dry land which I insist on maintaining abroad, whilst travelling with a carry-on. I don’t know if that makes me crazy, dedicated or both?! In this post, I’ll share my tips on being consistent with your skincare routine when travelling. How to prepare for changes in climate/environment and a list of my ride or die products I pack on every trip.

Be consistent and your skin will thank you for it!

Between the difference in climate at your final destination and dry cabin air, this isn’t the best time to experiment with new products. I pack travel-sized versions of my current routine and supplement with a few extras such as sheet masks to be used inflight or just after I land. Opinions vary on this one but I take retinoids and acids with me (even if I’m going somewhere sunny) as sometimes my skin acts up and I see no real reason not to.

With that being said, your main focus should be hydration: serums, mists and something to lock in all the goodness. Despite being quite strict I often skip some parts of my routine. Eye cream’s (barely use it anyway) and take one serum instead of three to beach locations. My main focus on holiday is having fun after all…

Prepare for the worst

I’ve been caught out before, dry cabin air or drinking too much champagne inflight will cause even the oiliest of skins to freak out. To prevent this, I’d recommend getting a head start by indulging in either a pre-flight or inflight mini facial. I’ve tried both and it makes no difference in terms of effectiveness. It really just depends on the time of my flight and if I’m heading to straight the airport from home or not. The steps are always the same, but I use Bioderma and wipes (instead of a gel cleanser) in flight for convenience. Don’t forget to sanitise the tray before laying out your products!

  1. Cleanse/Double Cleanse
  2. Hydrating Serum (if it’s nighttime I’ll use a retinoid then apply the serum)
  3. Sheet Mask
  4. Squalane (if I’m at home I may use moisturiser then squalane on top)

The key is to hydrate your skin before sealing in the moisturise. The second half of being prepared ties in with packing everything you rely on at home. Surprise breakouts or dryness (depending on your skin type) are not uncommon when travelling and unless you’re visiting somewhere you can shop, you’re screwed! Save yourself the headache and misery by bringing your favourite ‘in case of emergency items’.

These are my ‘if I had to make it work with limited resources I would bring…’ products:

  1. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser – I talk about it all the time, it’s gentle but effective and I basically can’t live without it.
  2. A hyaluronic acid serum/product – I’ve tried a few and currently love the Vichy 89 but I’m a skincare junkie at heart. Find one you love and flourish!
  3. The Ordinary Squalane – like an oil but not. It’s light, hydrating and plays well with other products.
  4. Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme – never used the ‘day’ version but I’ve used this product day and night with no problems in the past. Not part of my usual routine but great for travel as they’re not liquid.
  5. La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50 – self-explanatory, Black people should be wearing sunscreen too.

MegFabulous is a Carnivalist, Skincare lover and well seasoned Travel Blogger. On he platform Meg who writes about her personal packing hacks and solo travels through Asia. Connect with her at Megfabulous.com.

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