There is no doubt in my mind that you’re super hyped about going on your first ski trip. I can tell you right now that you’re in for a treat sis. I most certainly want you to be fully prepared so I’ve tailored my Ski content to ensure that you’ll be 100% ready. Black Girls Ski Too – is a popular hashtag used on social media by black women. It made sense for me to name this post after it. If you search for it on the gram you’ll see black women across the world living their best lives on them ski slopes.

While preparing for my first Ski trip last year I realised there was very little information out there that catered to black skiers especially the women. I wanted advice on how to style my hair? skincare etc but unfortunately I found little to no information out there. My twitter followers and my big sis Astra gave me the run down instead.

In fact if you do a quick search you’ll find that advice for black women is minimal. So of course I had to put my own thing together. There are a few keys things that I feel you should know especially as a black woman ahead of your first trip.

Black Girls Ski Too

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Black Girls Ski Too – Cheat codes

1.Prepare yourself for the stares

Ok so first things first there is this cliché stereotype that “Black people don’t ski“.

Now I don’t know exactly where this came from but it’s definitely the word out there in these worldwide streets. Apparently skiing isn’t a sport for black people. Well, I’m in total shock because I thought sports was all inclusive, mmm ok.

Black Girls Ski Too

Whoever came to that conclusion is totally bad vibes. The truth is this black people do SKI but the problem is not many of us do it. So because of that this stereotype cane alive and because of it you’re going to have to prepare yourself for the stares. Now depending on where you go for your first ski trip people will most definitely look at you crazy. I went to the Borovets Ski zone in Bulgaria and let me tell you everyone was looking at me. I totally get why because to be honest I stood out like a sore thumb you couldn’t miss me.

Keep your cool at all times

The local shop keepers kept calling me “Rhianna” or “Naomi Campbell” as I walked by in the street. Like sir WTF?!. I politely corrected a few and sometimes that ended in a nice conversation. Little children were the funniest though because when they saw me their jaws dropped. It was clear to me that the people of Bulgaria were not used to seeing a black woman in the flesh.

To tell the truth I had a feeling that may have been the case and I was phased. So I say that to say this, prepare yourself for the stares because they’re coming. People are going to blink more than twice when they see you. You’ll notice very quickly that you/your ski squad will probably be the only people of color in sight. For this reason people will be eager to get a glimpse of you. However if they have sense they wont do or say anything crazy.

In many parts of the world black people are still a phenomenon. It’s something we have to just live with at this point. Weird vibes I know but it is what it is. Bulgaria is well known for their antics towards black people. However I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t encounter any madness or hostility. After the initial shock of seeing a black woman in the flesh the Bulgarian locals were friendly as were fellow tourists. I felt comfortable enough to explore the ski zone by myself. In typical Jenna’s World View fashion I quickly made friends and went about my way.

My advice to you, don’t be phased by the stares whatsoever. People will notice you but just do you! Be yourself, friendly and you’ll be fine.

2.Hair care & all that Jazz…

Pony tails
Twist Outs
Faux Locs

Personally I would recommend that you do a hairstyle that requires low maintenance. For my first ski trip I wore a 4×4 closure wig that I cut into a short bob the night before. It was the perfect hairstyle and I’m so glad that I did it. You’re going to sweat a lot so you want a hairstyle that is easy going. If you do want to bring your frontal I would suggest wearing it glue-less or save it for the evenings.

Braids are not ideal unless it’s braided cornrows that go all the way back. While skiing you don’t want a hairstyle that is heavy or will get in your way. Helmets and hats look a bit crazy under big braids/faux locs. But if you do wear your hair that way take a turban or head wrap with you. On the slopes your head needs to be covered at all times as the body loses more heat from the head than anywhere else. For my sisters that don’t wear wigs, a braid down or cornrows is your best options as well as a low ponytail.

Go for a low maintenance style that isn’t too bulky and allows you to comfortably wear a hat, headband or helmet.

3.Make up

On the first day of ski school I did my make up. But sis make up isn’t really necessary if I’m being totally honest. My face melted because I sweated quite a bit while at ski school. As I said in three top tips first time skiers should know skiing is like a full body workout. By the end of your first day of ski school you wont care about your make up. Give yourself a light face beat on the first day, take your cute pictures and enjoy the slopes sis. Also bring something to pat your face throughout the day.

4. Moisture Is KEY

Being black and ashy is one thing. But being black and ashy while Skiing is another!

Jenna’s World View

Melanated skin requires a lot of tender, love and care. Our skin tends to dry out in harsh weather conditions and loses it moisture. It is essential that you keep your skin well hydrated as well as your lips. Carmex, Vitamin E cream and anything with SPF will give you what you need to combat cold weather up in the mountains. Be sure to pop a few moisture face masks in your case to use at the end of each day. Your skin will love you for it. Black girls ski too and we must ensure that we look cute while doing it and not ashy.

5. Nails

I didn’t have my nails done when I went on my first ski trip. Which was good because the amount of times that I fell on my big behind my nails would have been finished. If you wear long acrylics like I do now sis, you’re going to have to cut them down. Take it from me you’re going to fall down a bit especially as a first timer. It’s too risky having long nails so get shellac or a short set done.

6. Be very careful

Black girls ski too

Skiing is amazing but it can also be very dangerous. Accidents can easily happen and they can end up being fatal or deadly. Pay attention and listen to your Ski tutors. Go at your own pace and take care of yourselves. Take breaks. Stay close to your ski squad and try not to wander off. Don’t try and be fancy either, learn the ropes and take your time. Be sure to stretch your body before and after skiing to loosen you up.


At this point I probably sound like a broken record but sis you’re going to have such a great time. Personally I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been skiing and not loved it. I’m sending you a lot of beautiful energy before hand. Be open, have fun and remember You Can Achieve Anything That You Set Your Mind Too. Go be great on those ski slopes!!!!

I do hope this Black girls Ski Too cheat codes will be very help for you. If there is anything else that you would like to know let me shout me in the comments below. Feel free to share some tips if you’ve also. Please, please, please share this with the sisters in your network. If you haven’t already check out my comprehensive ski packing list it also comes with a FREE (click here) pdf downloadable.

Have an amazing first ski trip I cant wait to see all of the pics on the gram. Tag me and make sure you use the hashtag Black Girls Ski Too so the world can see.

Stay Blessed

Lots of love