After the huge success of the JWV Day Party, taking a break from blogging was the first thing on my to-do list. I know the timing seems totally off because who would really take a break after hitting 20k views on their platform?. It seems totally insane, but I just needed a minute or two to catch my breath.

Since I launched Jenna’s World View last year March I’ve constantly been on the go non-stop. Between writing blogs and promoting Jenna’s World View content it has been a whirlwind. Would I go back and change that? probably not. Those early days set the foundation of the JWV brand. However,I just strongly felt that after hitting so many major milestones it was time for me to stand still. A few people questioned why would I want do such a thing NOW. But believe me when I say this mini break has been the best thing for me.

Taking a break helps you to recharge creatively

I love my blog and I’ve truly fell in love with blogging. Jenna’s World View is a light in my world and I know that it sounds hella cliche but that is my personal truth. As much as I missed writing and promoting my content this break has allowed me to recharge my creative juices. Taking a beak will help the quality of your content as well as your ideas. You’ll find that being away completely will help your creative juices to flow more abundantly when you return.

Work on other areas of your brand.

Running a blog you’re probably also running various other social media accounts. As much as you wanna stay on top of them all, I know that something will often get neglected. Whilst I was on annual leave from writing for the blog I was very active on Twitter.

This allowed me to maintain an online presence while being on a writing hiatus. Do you see what I did there? In addition this, I was also able to work on other ventures within the JWV brand. All of which will be revealed in due time. But I say that to say this, taking a break gave me the opportunity to pour into other ventures and it’ll definitely do the same for you.

It ok to switch things up, your audience will love you for it.

Excuse my french, but It’s ok to f*#k up ya routine a little. Taking a blogging break shakes up the status quo a bit. Sometimes it’s good to surprise your audience from time to time. A little time away will keep them keen and ultimately wanting more content. Your true supporters wont suddenly abandon you. If they do, they were never really loyal to you and your brand in the first place. As you grow and evolve, you’re audience will give you the space to do that if they genuinely care.

Even if you’re not a blogger, taking a break from something that you do very often in your personal life is good. Don’t ever feel guilty for taking time away to catch your breath. We often get so consumed with everything in our lives that we never really find the time to pump our own brakes. But don’t ever feel like you cant do that because you’re running your own race at your own pace. So please be easy on yourself.

I hope you’ve missed me because Jenna’s World View is back and better than ever. As there are now only 4 months left of 2019 and I’m super excited to share my new content with my JWV readers. There will be a new blog post every week, so please stay connected with me via my social media platforms @Jennasworldview.

Check out the JWV Day Party Highlight video below!

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