The response to Come On Sis Book That Solo Trip was phenomenal. Black women near and far have been sharing their solo travel experiences with me all week and I love it. However, I felt like it was super important to expand my message. So I reached out to my blogging brother Johnny and asked him to write something for the bothers. Please, please, please have a read and share it with the black men in your life.

The idea of black men solo travelling is somewhat taboo and sometimes ignorantly dismissed. Travelling among a lot of black men are more often than not done with family, friends or with romantic partners. Whilst travel experiences with friends and family is dope, sometimes it’s not always possible. Maybe you’ve been itching to go on that European city break but your +1 isn’t down for whatever reason. Wherever it’s a friend who hasn’t got enough money in their pockets or your siblings haven’t been able to book time off work. Life has taken a firm grip on them and now you’re suffering because of another person’s differing circumstances. Step forward into the world of solo travel. Since my first solo trip to Paree my solo experiences have only gone from strength to strength!

It’s hard to imagine whether my travel life would be the same if it weren’t for me enjoying my trips abroad and loving my own company. So here’s are my thoughts on why more black men should put their coins towards booking those flights (or train ticket if you’re about the public transport life) and catching some feelings:

1. Discover different kinds of melanin

solo travel for black men

The first reason for travelling alone is being able to explore other black communities. There’s well-established black communities across the world. Not to mention the plethora of homeland in Africa and Caribbean to touch base on. Solo travel brings about a greater opportunity to meet new people, connect with them and more importantly for black men, connect with people who look like them but also benefit from experiencing slightly different cultures and way of living.

For the black male entrepreneur or professional like myself looking to network with like-minded people this is potentially worth keeping in mind. It’s worth even considering looking into researching networking events that may be taking place during your trip.

2. Experience Personal Growth

solo travel for black men

Travelling alone allows you to learn more about yourself and your capabilities. Solo travellers end up having to work things out for themselves instead of leaning on their travel partner for help. For example having to learn the language of the place being explored in order to communicate better with locals. Doing research beforehand on the best attractions to visit and appropriate dress code. Working out what type of public transport is best to getting around. As a solo traveller important life skills are learnt and you’re pushed to think in ways you previously had the privilege of not having to do. Again you understand different cultures and way of living much more and grow a sense of appreciation.

3. Freedom!

solo travel for black men

We’re all here for personal growth aren’t we. Cool, lets’ stay on that topic (kind of). Compared to group travel you have more time for yourself. You can create a travel itinerary full of activities you would like to do and not think about accommodating someone else’s interests.That person who takes forever to get dressed ? No need to wait for them. Paying for a person who spent all their coins on window shopping? Nah save them all for yourself. All of a sudden your travel life becomes more personalised to your liking and you have so much more freedom.

Now I’m not saying one’s first solo trips should be backpacking adventures for several weeks. It’s very unreasonable to expect anyone with reservations of solo travel to do that. Start on a small scale. For example, one may want to do domestic travel alone. So for a born and bred Londoner, go away to Cambridge or Liverpool for a day. Then perhaps doing the same thing abroad, maybe for a weekend. Amsterdam, Paris, Venice and Milan are among the best places to go for day trips and generally solo travellers in my opinion. By gradually doing it more often and at different citiies and countries confidence starts to build.

In summary, solo travelling for black men is a uniquely empowering recreational experience fast becoming popular in this day and age. It allows you to grow as a person and become more independent. Even for the not so travel-enthusiastic person travelling alone is something worth doing at least once. That way you at least know if you like or not rather than dwelling in uncertainty.

Check out my post for tips on how to solo travel effectively . .Anyway this is your boy Johnny guest blogging in Jenna’s space. I Loved writing this piece, especially for a platform that’s popping like this Jenna’s World View. Share your thoughts below, but most importantly share this post with the black men in your life.

solo travel for black men

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