So, I want to find a nice chocolate man to be my equal life partner and I log into Tinder and all I am seeing is David, Thomas and Allen? What is that? I want an Ade, a Jordan or an Emmanuel, where are they at though?

Is there a lack of diversity on dating apps between women and men?

Do the ethnic minorities represent the smallest number of users on dating apps?

According to Infogram – 1 in 5 relationships now start online. Today, Tinder is the most popular dating app with over 57 million users worldwide, I am sure you have heard of Tinder, downloaded Tinder and even know a few friends that are on there etc. These days finding a bae in 2019 can be as instant as ordering your fave Katsu curry from Wagamama’s.

You can go on there, upload your profile picture and wait for potential baes to match with. However, if like me your preference is black men you  will find yourself constantly scrolling left on every Lewis, Daniel or Adam you find.

Have you ever matched with someone who says ‘You are my Nubian princess or Hello Black Beauty’? I am not involved. Then you see ONE black guy on the app out of the 75 white guys or 25 Asian guys you just swiped left on and he is looking like one troll but because he is black you swipe right.

Sis not this is not the best strategy to use. Just because he is black, he looks like a troll and he is 2 years younger than you. Allow it babes. There are so little black guys on Tinder that when one pops up you feel inclined to match him and swipe right. Just like some black businesses, we don’t have to support unless it is quality, so don’t feel obliged to swipe right on Tinder either.

Back on my days on Tinder, I matched with a guy who told me he swiped me because I was black. Pardon? Not even my bio or because I WAS looking like a snack in my pictures, but because I am black. #sigh  it will be your own people smh. Now, I am not too mad because I know my melanin is popping but this shows that there is not that many of us on the most popular apps.

According to data from OK Cupid back in 2014, black women received the least amount of messages and Asian and black men received less messages than other race counterparts. Why is that? Dating is hard enough as it is and it can be a struggle knowing that your skin tone is most likely not the preferred one if you are of an ethic minority.

Is it those stupid algorithms that lowkey promote racial bias on apps? Are we not desirable enough to each other as well as other races? I appreciate people have a ‘type’ or ‘preference’ but can you solely exclude a demographic just on race. It seems that way. Why is this so accepted within society today? It really shouldn’t be – interracial relationships are a lot more common and high profile so dating within or outside your race shouldn’t be a big deal.

Are we not part of the hook-up culture, or do we not like to use dating apps? Do we prefer to meet in person, so clubs, university, church, work etc? Where can I find Le Bae? We are less than 15% (black and ethnic minorities) according to the 2011 census so are we being represented fairly on these apps? Or are we already in relationships or married, so we don’t need apps?. Is there specific apps for black or Asian singles in the UK or do I have to join popular sites such as Tinder, Bumble, Zoosk and hope for the best?

Who knows?

All I know is that, I enjoy meeting and connecting with different people from different backgrounds and ethnicities on these apps but all in all I love my melanin so if you see a nice melanin brother called Ade, send him my way.

Peace until next time,

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