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Welcome back to the TravelGlam series 2.0. I hope you found part one of this series ‘3 Tips to help you Slay while Travelling Light’ useful. Those gems that I dropped in part one will definitely come in handy when the time comes for you to do your holiday shopping. Now knowing where to buy stylish holiday clothes can be extremely confusing with so many shops offering pretty much the same thing. Many people struggle with where to buy clothes from but it really doesn’t have to be that way, you just need to know exactly where to go shopping.

In today’s pre-Brexit economy you have to be smarter your coins Sis. So, I put this post together with a list of some of my favourite places that sale stylish clothes for a decent price. I have told you before that it is possible to Slay on holiday without breaking the bank. Please don’t forget it is not where you buy your clothes from it is how you wear them that matters the most.

Ah mi wear di clothes, di clothes nuh wear me

– Aunty Lorna

Set a budget for your holiday clothes Sis

I encourage you to try to set a budget for yourself and stick to that budget. It is easy to overspend in the run-up to a holiday. In the blink of an eye you’ll get carried away and spend £1366.13+ on clothes. These times you haven’t even finished paying for your trip. Most of my big holidays are booked one year in advance. I like having a big trip to look forward to but in the past I have over spent and ended up with way too many clothes that I didn’t actually need. Thank God for growth because ya girl is much smarter with her money now. Travelling is already an expense and you don’t want to add to that expense unnecessarily so SET THAT BUDGET SIS! ! !

Where To Spend Those Good Coins of yours


The British online fashion retailer has been a personal favourite of mines since my University days. What I love most about ASOS is I can get clothes from any season all year round. You can do that with most retailers but when you’re in the middle of winter and need some good quality swimwear ASOS will have your back.

The ASOS outlet is in rotation all year round. Most of the evening dresses worn within the last 7 years of my travels were sourced ASOS. Another thing that I love about ASOS is they sell clothing from other brands such as New look, Boohoo, Miss Guided, Pretty Little Thing and plenty others. So, if you see something that is sold out on those sites you might just be in luck over at ASOS.

JWV TravelGlam Tip – Filter through the ASOS Outlet according to your sizes. Add those items to your saved list and then come back to review before you make a final purchase. The saved list feature is great because it saves items for up to 60 days


Most women that I know love them some PLT myself included. In the past, PLT has come through for me on several occasions. Sometimes they can be a bit of a hit and miss but they always revive themselves and that is what has kept me coming back to them. The only thing that kind of irks me about PLT is as it is very popular you’re most likely to end up in the same dress with a stranger at an event.

But apart from that Pretty Little Thing will give you whatever you’re looking for because they are very in tune with the latest fashion trends amongst millennials and celebrities. If you’re looking for that Instagram Baddie look, cute two pieces, bold statement shirts or versatile holiday wear then simply look no further.

JWV TravelGlam Tip – Sign up to heir mailing list as they are always having flash sales and dishing out promo codes through the working week.


For me Zara is one of the best stores on the high street. The quality of their clothing is better than most because Zara rarely compromises on quality. I shop in Zara throughout the year but their Summer and Christmas sale is where it’s at Sis. If you want to grab yourself a few bargain’s pop into Zara on a weekday or first thing in the morning on a Saturday. The Zara sale can be crazy but you’ll definitely find some good deals. Plus their clothes last forever if you wash and care for them properly.

JWV TravelGlam Tip Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces from across the TRF and women’s collection.


When it comes to buying clothes from Primark you really have to be open minded. The quality of their clothing is far from Zara’s quality but common sense could have easily told you that. Nevertheless, you can still nab a few cute numbers from little old Primark. In fact, you could buy your entire travel wardrobe from Primark if you wanted to. For things like Beachwear, travel accessories, gadgets, sandals, sun hats and cute toiletries bag Primark has absolutely everything,

Over the years the brand has really stepped their game up. Nowadays you can practically get anything from a Primark superstore. Items that you’ll typically found in top brand stores like Zara you can now get replica’s at Primark for a much lower price. I try not to go too crazy in there just because I can get easily carried away.

JWV TravelGlam Tip – Next time you’re in Primark take a look in their accessories section and thank me later.


As well as being a great source to buy bundles from you can now buy clothing and accessories from Ali Express too. This is where many if not most of these pop up Instagram boutiques are getting their stock from. No shade to the Sisters out there running these businesses, but why would I go through someone else when I can easily source it myself via Ali express for cheaper.

On Ali Express you can find most of Fashion Nova’s range, cheap swimsuits, popular costume Jewellery and plenty more. You just have to know how and where to look for them. Working out which seller to purchase items from doesn’t require that much brain power either. Type in an item into the search bar, click the seller’s profile and ALWAYS read the reviews. If there are no reviews take that as a red flag and continue your search. Also, buy things one or two sizes up because Chinese sizes can be extremely dodgy. I have been left gobsmacked a few times too many so believe me when I say that.

JWV TravelGlam Tip – Source your costume Jewellery and body accessories from Ali express. It will be less cheaper and it will save you lots of coins that you can use for other things. All of the items are coming from China and they can get held up so order weeks in advance to be on the safe side.


If you love labels or top high street brands then I would encourage you to hit up a few Samples sales. Shout out to @Alice_thee_Hustla this Boujeee Babe on a budget for dropping lots of money saving tips via the gram. My girl told me that she grabs most of her clothing from samples sales throughout the year. I was honestly shocked but impressed at the same damn time. Sample sales are really dope because you get quality items from top brands for less than the average retail price.
I used to be under the impression that samples sales were kept top secret but this is far from the case. Sign yourself up to Chimi and Sample Sale Guide as both websites give subscribers exclusive alerts about upcoming samples sales across London.

More TravelGlam Gems to come next month Sis

I do hope you have enjoyed part two of the TravelGlam Series 2.0. Sign up to my mailing list as there will be more gems to come next month. So be on the look out for more of my personal Travel Glam tips and tricks. If you missed part of one of this series catch up here!


Stay Blessed

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