flowing through life

When you get a chance to sit by the feet of an older you should never take it for granted. On my recent trip to Thailand I connected with a beautiful soul who dropped nothing but gems into my spirit. I didn’t expect to have such an encounter on a random island in Phuket, but hey life comes at you fast. I walked away from that conversation feeling nourished, replenished and energized. Surprisingly I didn’t even know I needed that convo yet I’m so grateful that it happened. In all that was exchanged between us I was given one very important assignment. To flow through life.

Now this may sound like a walk in the park but trust me it’s far from the case. I was told that flowing through life requires intention and a whole lot of commitment. Not to mention letting go of what I’ve been taught in life so far. To flow through life I must be willing to fully surrender to what is present. This doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t work hard or set goals. It just means that I should be ready and willing to accept all that is and all that is to come. To do this one has to flow through life like water in the ocean. Water knows no bounds and through all seasons it just keeps on flowing.

Be an ever flowing river and dance through life, flowing beautifully from one place to another. Glide to the destination of life that awaits.

– Unknown-

Here are a few gems below that I rounded up from that fruitful conversation, enjoy!


There is no such thing as time. Time doesn’t exist. It might take you a while to wrap your head around. But the moment you wrap your head around it and allow that understanding into your spirit life will make a lot more sense. I see time as a restriction. Anything that restricts you is ultimately destructive. There are a lot of people in the world missing out on a fulfilled life because their too busy fighting the concept of time. F your timeline!!!!! One is unable to flow through life abundantly if one is constantly watching the clock. Let go of the concept of time and just go with the flow.


Give genuine thanks for every experience because there’s a lesson somewhere even when it hurts. God tells us in all things we must give thanks. But some of us only give thanks for the good things when in fact we must give thanks for everything. This includes those things we categorise as ‘bad’. Show gratitude for everything and everyone that you encounter. Flowing through life is impossible without the formula that is gratitude. Remember all that we encounter in life is a gift so treat it as such. A grateful heart will take you to places that your credentials and accolades can not.


Sadly many people’s lives come to ruin because they lack the appropriate listening skills. Listening is a fundamental life skill that is needed for survival. From today be slow to speak and eager to listen more. Pay close attention to what is being said to you, about you and around you. Life will become a lot clearer. If you’re unable to listen effectively you certainly wont be able to flow abundantly. In order to flow through life you must be willing to listen. If you don’t listen how will you know your next move? Don’t be afraid to drown out the noise around you. All the answers that you’re looking for are available you just need to listen carefully and follow the signs of life.


Whatever will be will most certainly be. Don’t over think anything. Be confident and trust in the divine always. Everyone in this life is on a unique path, no two journeys are the same. Trust that what is for you will always be for you and will never ever pass you by. God will never ever fail you!

Flow through life with a sense of fluidity, taking shape to the circumstances that create the person you are meant to be


Stay Blessed

Lots of Love


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flowing through life

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