“In no way do I see myself as a fashionista but I do know that I am definitely capable of throwing a few outfits together”

– Jenna’s World View

Welcome to Jenna’s World View TravelGlam Series 2.0

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In the run-up to my trip to Gothenburg last month, one of my main concerns was planning my outfits and being able to fit them into my carry on luggage. Travelling light is not something that I am used to but I wasn’t too keen on paying extra. So to make sure this did not happen I did what I always do and plan my outfits. Everyone wanted to know what the big secret was behind how I achieve my TravelGlam looks so here is my magic formula…. strategic outfit planning x packing.

1. Create a TravelGlam style board

I know this might sound like a task and a half but trust me you’ll be surprised how helpful a TravelGlam style board will help you establish your style and create different looks for your upcoming travels. The country that you’ll be visiting will heavily influence your choice of holiday clothes too. So it is important to always factor this in before anything else. Planning outfits this way will reduce your chances of over packing. A TravelGlam style board will help you save you time, money and lots of luggage space.

Sounds crazy but it actually works well for me

For my trip to Barcelona last year I created my own TravelGlam style board. I chose bright colourful clothing that I knew would pop in the sun and glisten against my skin. My cousin and I came up with the theme of Spanish Bae. To us, this represented bold maxi dresses, thigh split gowns, red lips and hand held fans and cute two pieces. When creating looks for your travels ask yourself this, how do I want to look?.

Are you trying to be a Beach Babe or Sexy and Sophisticated Gal. Do you want to be feel Cute and comfy or Bad and Boujee?. Next think about the country you’ll be visiting , find out whether they have any local dress code or customs? What type of activities will you be doing? What will the weather be like? Potential hairstyles? All of these questions will help you piece your style board together and help you tremendously then you can move to the fun stuff like putting outfits together and shopping.

JWV TravelGlam Tip:

Having a clear understanding of what type of look you’re going for you will help you to plan outfits and shop more effectively. When you know exactly how you want to look you wont need to waste time buying items and having the horrible task of returning them. Why put yourself through that when you can just get it right the first time.

2. Plan your outfits

Once you have a clear idea of how you want to look you can start putting outfits together. For me, planning outfits is probably one of my favourite that things I love about travelling. Before I do anything I always review what is currently in my wardrobe and then I move towards shopping.

The easiest way to put outfits together is to plan them for each day of your trip. Split your outfits into three categories day time, evening slay and a few just in case pieces. By doing this packing your case wont be a daunting ordeal. Gone are the days where I used to clog up my suitcase with random outfits only to end up never wearing them.

Another key thing to remember when putting any outfit together is flexibility, flexibility is key. I always start with one item of clothing and I treat it like a blank canvas. This way I can bring it to life by dressing it up or down and I find that I get more out of my outfits this way. In addition to this, I always pack a Just in case outfit or items. Think of these as wildcards that you throw in your case for back up or in case of an emergency or outfit malfunction.

JWV TravelGlam Tip

Just in case‘ outfits are items of clothing or accessories that you take on a trip ‘just in case’ you change your mind about a pre planned outfit or if something goes wrong. Some of my best outfits on holiday have been the ones I packed as a second choice. So don’t be scared to bring an extra dress or blouse or a few more accessories you never know when you might need them.

3. Pack your luggage properly

A TravelGlam style board + planned outfits + sensible shopping = makes the packing process much easier. When travelling in general ONLY pack what you need!

  • Towels: Bring a mini face towel and leave the big towels at home most hotels provide towels these days you don’t really need to overload your carry on with one from home,
  • Travel bottles: Use these for your essential liquids and try to avoid packing things that most hotels provide like shower gels and shampoos. When you travel with just a carry on all of your liquids have to go in a tiny see through reusable bag. If that resealable bag is unable to close you are going to have a problems with airport security. Just pack key essentials and take only what you need.
  • Make up and perfumes: You cant take your entire collection with you so pick only the essentials that compliment your outfits and leave the rest at home.
  • Roll your clothes: This will give you lots more room to get outfits into your case. You might have to do this over and over again until you master it but I promise you it is a life saver. Vacuum bags are good too but I prefer the rolling method.
  • Minimize footwear; For your evening outfits  pack one pair of shoes that will go with every outfit. Last month in Gothenburg, I took a casual pair of black heels that matched all of my evening slay outfits. I also took with me a pair of comfortable Chelsea boots for my daytime endeavors as well as a pair of trainers.

There will be moreTravelGlam tips to come

 I hope you will find this post useful. Be on the look out for part two of this series as I will be sharing some of my favourite places to shop for holiday clothing and accessories.

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