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After spending my first three days in Bangkok, I jetted off to Phuket to enjoy the rest of my time in Thailand. It’s worth mentioning that both cities are nothing alike. The differences between the two stuck out like a sore thumb. Bangkok was more fast paced like London, while Phuket felt much slower, peaceful and for the most past serene. Being that I am a true ‘City Girl’ at heart I often found myself craving the buzz of the city.

Nevertheless I had just as much fun as I did in Phuket as I did in Bangkok. So let me walk you through my Phuket 7 day diary itinerary. As with every country that you visit it’s impossible to see and do everything. It’s only after coming back home to London I realised that I could have done just a little bit more. You know what that means right? I must return to Phuket but for now let’s have a recap.


Day 1 – Bye Bangkok, hello Phuket


From Bangkok airport we flew to Phuket in one hour. The last time I took a short domestic/transit was the time I went to Morocco but I had to stop off in Casablanca. There is nothing special to report about the flight with Thai Airways. Like I said previously, flying with so many people reminded me of scenes from soul plane. Only this was the West Indian version. If you know anything about West Indian people I’ll leave your imagination to do the rest. Once we arrived we headed straight over to our new hotel Angsana Laguna Phuket.

Our new home for 7 days

Set along the shores of Phuket’s Bang Tao Bay in the island’s northwest is Angsana Laguna Phuket. Part of Asia’s first integrated resort. Combined with pristine beaches, warm white sand and more than 300 metres of free-form pool around the resort. A 5 star resort filled with luxury facilities and endless activities.

As we were travelling in such a big group the hotel made sure that the check in process was nice and smooth. On arrival we were given a warm towel to cleanse our hands. A handmade welcome bracelet, fresh juice and a sweet treat. Now that was the 5 star treatment I paid my ‘good good’ money for. I shared a room with my big cousin Lurline as I did in Bangkok. Together we had a nice big, bright room with all the 5 star trimmings. Look out for it in my Phuket Vlog.

Angsana Laguna Phuket
On our first night in Phuket our travel group RIPFITNESS.COM hosted a welcome dinner at our hotel. We had a full break down of the what to expect over the next seven days.

DAY 2 – Health is Wealth

If you didn’t know the second half of my Thailand trip focused on activities, wellness and fitness. Attendees could enjoy group HIT workouts, Zumba, legs bums and tum’s classes, yoga on the beach plus more. We had dedicated fitness professionals running classes for us throughout the mornings. The common thing that everyone on this trip had in common was our love for fitness. I managed to get some footage of our workout. I released a snippet on my Instagram and of course the rest will be in my upcoming Phuket Vlog.

Unfortunately,I did plan to work out for the duration of the trip but that sadly didn’t happen. When you watch my Phuket Vlog you’ll understand why. If you haven’t already subscribed to my Youtube channel subscribe NOW and turn on post notifications.This way you won’t miss any new visual content.

Later that day a private beach party was held for our large group. It was lit. Music was blazing, cocktails were flowing and everyone was just having a vibe. You know when the energy is just right and the vibrations are high? This was it and it was the perfect day.

Phuket 7 day itinerary
The Thailand Camp 2020 minus 1
Phuket 7 day itinerary
The boys – Kieron is Missing btw

The Camp

In my Bangkok blog & Vlog I talked about some of the guys we met in Bangkok. Well in Phuket the camp fully assembled. ‘The Camp’ is the name I gave the crew. It basically included most of the young people within our age group. The Camp was a key element of this trip and you’ll see more of them in the vlog.

The rest of day 2 was spent at the hotel. After the day party ‘the camp‘ went on to have lunch on the beach until sun down. Have you ever met a person or a group of people that you just vibe with naturally? It’s kinda spiritual to the point where you can’t even explain it. This is what it was like being around the camp. Whenever I travel my heart and mind is always open to receive new things and people. 

Phuket 7 day itinerary

At the end of a long day….. I attended a buffet style dinner in the garden of the hotel. Took random hotel bathroom selfies. Sipped more drinks, played games and laughed the night away in the lobby with the rest of the Camp. It was the perfect evening and it was clear that Phuket was off to a great start.

Day 3 – Phang Nga Bay

Phuket 7 day itinerary
  • Khao Phing Kan
  • James Bond Beach – Phang Nga Bay
  • Ko Tapu, also known as James Bond Island,
  • Koh Panyee – The Famous Floating village
  • Ko Yao Yai Island

The way the island is set up we had to travel to each Island/location by boat. We set off to Phang Nga Bay first which  is located in the Northeast of Phuket. It’s characterized by limestone cliffs and rock formations, as well as mangrove forests and small islands.

A large portion of the bay is now protected. The time we arrived it was filled with tourists and market vendors trying to make a quick hussle. Most of whom were muslim Thai women. Now this caught me by surprise as I was unaware how diverse the muslim community was in Phuket.

Phuket 7 day itinerary

After this we arrived at Khao Phing Kan and Ko Ta Pu. Both islands became popular because one of the James Bond movies was filmed there, The man with the Golden Gun, and this is why this Island has become well known as James Bond Island/Beach.

To be honest with you I was very much excited to see it. However getting that money shot pic was truly a task and a half. Thank God there was a lovely tour lady by the waterfront who took these banging pics of me.

Mid Island hopping to the next location

Koh Panyi (Koh Panyee) Village in Phang Nga

From James Bond beach we set off to Koh Panyee. Which is the floating village located in Phang Na. Now what I experienced deserves its own special blog post. Let’s just say a small floating village gave me a cold reality check that shocked and humbled me.

Koh Panyi (Koh Panyee) Village

Island hopping is an extremely sport. The last stop of the day was to Ko Yao Yai Island. I didn’t eat anything because I wasn’t really feeling the food. Luckily for me I found someone who was willing to take some pictures and videos for my vlog.

The ALL WHITE party

After a long day Island hopping in Phuket we travelled back to our hotel to get ready for the night activities. Our travel group hosted another party for us. This time it was an all white affair. If you didn’t know black people look absolutely stunning in white, especially when it’s cocaine white. Highlights from the All white party will be in the vlog. Once you’ve read this post subscribe to my Youtube channel.


Day 4 – Elephants retirement 9dee

On day 4 we set out to Elephants retirement 9dee. A retirement sanctuary for five formerly mistreated elephants that are now free to enjoy their lives. Before going to Thailand I was apprehensive about going.I’ve heard many horror stories about the unethical treatment of elephants in Phuket, so I didn’t want to visit just any establishment for this reason.

However after reading up about the establishment I was visiting I felt much more comfortable. But also I felt like how can I travel all that way and not see it.

Elephants retirement 9dee
Elephants retirement 9dee

What I did at Elephants retirement 9dee.

We had an assigned tour guide named Pang Pang. This woman was absolutely hilarious. A natural born comedian and peoples person who looked after us the entire day. Pang Pang gave us a quick history lesson on the background of the Elephants and the organisation. Below is a detailed breakdown of what I got up to at Elephants retirement 9dee.

  • Learned how to make traditional Pad Thai

A detailed step by step walkthrough of how to make Pad Thai. I know this may seem like an odd thing to do at an Elephant Sanctuary but honestly it was perfect. I love Pad Thai so this was perfect and an unexpected surprise for me. Don’t worry you’ll be able to see everything in my Phuket Vlog. It was also a great icebreaker and team building exercise.

  • Half day private Elephant care program

This program included a half day private experience with the elephants where we learned about their history, prepared healthy food and fed them. We also had the opportunity to make natural herbal skin treatments from scratch, apply it, play with the elephants in the mud spa and bathe them. The entire experience for me was 10/10 and it definitely was a highlight of my trip. Everything about this excursion was on point, especially the tasty lunch.

Day 5 – Slow day at Coco Beach

Group trips are far from smooth sailing. Unfortunately for us we had a few issues on day 4 due to delays while we were out island hopping. So on day 5 we had a Private party @coco beach. It was a sick day and it somewhat made up for the discrepancies of the day before. The sun was blazing hot, myself and my wig definitely felt the heat. We had a live DJ, free drinks and lunch for all. There was an opportunity to go snorkeling but I didn’t bother to go. I stayed on Coco beach, created visual content for JWV, played on the floating water slide, sipped cocktails, and just had a vibe.

Day 6 – Phi Phi Islands Beach

For me Phi Phi Islands beach was one of the most beautiful places that I visited in Phuket. I didn’t think much of the little town where I stopped off for lunch. But the beach Island was absolutely gorgeous. We got a chance to go in the water and mess around like little kids. Now I can’t swim so Kurtis gave me a swimming lesson and it was absolutely hilarious. We made a few more stops to other beaches like Amphoe Ko Yoa and got the chance to do some shopping in the local market.

The Phi Phi Islands are an island group in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand. Phi Phi Islands are some of the most beautiful islands of Thailand, six exotic islands of fine white sand and turquoise waters. They became famous for their natural beauty when Maya Bay, one of its most beautiful bays, starred in the movie The Beach. If you visit Phuket, Phi Phi Islands 🌴 should be right at the top of your to do list.


Day 7 – Last 24 hours in Phuket

With only 24 hours left in Phuket it was only right to try and cram a few last bits in. In the early hours of day 7 the camp and I headed down to Patong beach. Patong’s pulsating nightlife is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. It’s the heart of the night scene that attracts thousands of tourists daily. The strip is made up of buzzing bars, nightclubs, gogo clubs and much more if you know what I mean 😉. The sex industry is big business in that part of the world as are many other things.

Navigating our way through the strip to get the shuttle bus to Paradise Beach was entertaining to say the least. We were heading to a Half moon Party in Paradig. It only cost me 850 =TBH which was about £23 for entry and a bucket of alcohol. I read so many wild things online about these moon parties. For e.g. it’s a satanic rave, filled with 40,000 backpackers drinking lots of alcohol on a packed beach. Everyone is supposedly high on drugs while dancing to loud and wild techno music. Did that stop me and the crew from going? Absolutely not.

A free shuttle bus service runs every 30mins from Patong beach Paradig.

The Half Moon party was a vibe


Upon arrival at Paradise beach I must say I was pleasantly surprised. This is why you must go and experience things for yourself and not take other people’s words for it. You’re probably thinking was the half moon party exactly how it was described online? yes and no. 

The music was definitely loud and the place was filled with people, food and alcohol. I personally never saw anyone doing drugs. So I won’t lie and exaggerate. What I will say is that everyone was so friendly and cheerful. Even though techno and dance music is not my thing it didn’t stop me or the gang from getting down and dancing the night away.

It was refreshing to see diverse groups of people at the half moon party. We even met some black guys from South London who were super cool. As me and one guy were about to exchange details my boy’s cock blocked me and it was a terrible scene. 

I was furious and cussed them out for it. However, we ended up laughing about it in the end. The night was a total vibe and I even somehow ended up in a dance off with two white guys from the UK. I’m still very baffled about that one as I don’t understand how that even happened but we move. Not quite sure if that footage will be in the final cut of the vlog though.

Clubbing until 6 in the morning

After leaving the moon party we headed back down to Patong beach. This was a bad idea and we all agreed after that we should have stayed at the half moon party. A night that started out great quickly turned into a disaster. It went left from there but I’m so proud of my crew for sticking together throughout the madness.

I nearly turned a girl into a serving of Pad Thai noodles when she squared me up in the club. I didn’t manage to catch that on video for the vlog but for the record I owe you a story time. If you want to experience Phuket’s vibrant nightlife be sure to add Patong beach and check out a moon party.


Later that day

After the early morning shenanigans it was only right to sleep in then enjoy a classic Thai massage. Whew…..once a masseuse has crawled on your back you’ll never want a normal massage again. It was my first time getting a classic Thai massage but I can tell you for free that it won’t be my last. This had to have been the best massage I’ve ever received in my life so far. If ever you find yourself in Phuket and need a massage PJ massage is where you need to go.


With only a few hours left in Phuket, all that was left to do was pack, have dinner with the family and one last late night link up with the Camp. Sadly for me this was far too bitter sweet. I knew the trip would eventually come to an end but I felt like those last 7 days just flew by. Phuket had been good to me and I was certainly going to miss it.

All good things come to an end

Over the last few days in Phuket I had become attached to my holiday routine as well as the people. I had made some sweet memories out in Phuket as well as some life long connections. I wasn’t ready to step away from it just yet. Travelling to that part of the world for the first time was nothing but a positive and enlightening experience. On the plane journey back to London I looked back through my camera roll over the last week and I felt nothing but Joy. I was extremely proud of myself and all that I accomplished and experienced during my time in Thailand. If God spare my life one day I hope to make another journey back to Phuket to make even more memories.

Cheers to Thailand 2019 x


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Stay blessed

Lots of love