dealing with loss

During the course of our lifetime all of us will take a loss. Taking a L is part of the circle of life but what matters the most is what we learn from those Ls and how much stronger we bounce back from them.

Jenna’s World View 2019

It feels 10x worse when the entire world is watching

I love social media but I really dislike the way things are amplified online. Normal things that occur in our day to day lives somehow appear 10x worse in the world of social media. For e.g taking a major loss like Anthony Joshua did by losing his IBF, WBA and WBO titles to Andy Ruiz Jr on June 1st. The fight was a pretty big deal, so It is no surprise why many people were shocked that he didn’t win.

In Anthony Joshua’s profession losing actually comes with the territory. Regardless of him being a World Champion who holds several titles, it is common knowledge that there is a 50% chance of losing when stepping into the ring. So for me seeing AJ get bashed the way he did after the fight on social media was a bit wayward. I understand that people wanted him to win, but the game is the game. Someone had to hold that L and in this case it just so happened to be AJ.

Everyone will always have something to say when you lose

The reactions online truly blew my mind and secretly I felt as though the outrage was a bit exaggerated. Especially from other black men who were showing their behinds. It was embarrassing watching them devour him. Some even went as far as discrediting his past accolades. Now wait a minute, how can the man lose one match and all of a sudden his creditability goes out the window? I saw a handful of hateful remarks being passed off as ‘constructive criticism’. It was a bit much because less than 24 hours prior AJ was the peoples champion. This just goes to show how easy it is for people to turn on others when they are no longer at the top. I am curious to know how AJ handled the back lash because I know it must have been a very difficult pill to swallow.

Attitudes online Vs Reality

This AJ situation for me really just proved what I have observed online for some time in regards to people’s attitudes towards taking a loss. I cant quite put my finger on it but it feels as though there is this kind of boujee attitude attached to it. Now I don’t know if this is an “online thing” where people just like to appear perfect as if they have it all together or never experienced a loss a day in their lives. I understand that most people use social media to showcase the good times and there is nothing wrong with that. I just have an issue with those who turn up their noses at something like loss which might I add is an inevitable part of life.

The reality is this, people take L’s everyday and if you’re yet to experience an L buckle up. I know that everyone wants to win but someone has to be on the receiving end. This is just the way life works. But please be reminded taking an L doesn’t allow you to lose your value in any way shape or form. If anything experiencing a loss will in fact make you bigger, stronger & better. So I wish people would change the way they speak about it online. It is not cool and I am sure it puts other people off being transparent online about some of the L’S they have experienced in fear of being ridiculed.

Change your perspective

One person’s L could be another persons motivation to keep going. Instead of hitting people when they’re down and rubbing salt deeper into their wounds we all can learn something from losing. Because the truth is a loss is nothing more than an introduction to your next opportunity. Taking a few losses is nothing, what you learn from the experience and how you bounce back is what matters the most. Now this does not mean that you shouldn’t strive for the spirit of excellence in all that you do. Instead have peace knowing that there will ALWAYS be something fruitful to be found on the other side of loss. Those amazing things can only be discovered once your allow yourself to change your perspective of loss from a negative to a positive.

Turn Loss on it’s head

If you followed my Post Break up Travel series last year (click here) I wrote about how the loss of a relationship led me down a path of healing and self – discovery. I detailed my struggles of how I came to terms with what I felt like at the time was a great loss. It was a great loss but it was a loss that changed my life for the better.

I used my loss as inspiration to create compelling content for Jenna’s World View. I am now establishing my name and brand within the creative community. So you see loss always comes packaged with something greater. It also comes with purpose, meaning and a message. From today I encourage you to see opportunities for growth, development and greatness where taking L’s are concerned. Abolish the victim mentality and begin to see L’s as a way to advance you.

Give the word loss a new meaning

When you think about loss going forward I kindly ask that you take the following things into consideration.

  • Loss is more of a learning opportunity than anything else
  • It will help to strengthen your character
  • Slows you down and gives you more of an advantage to assess things around you
  • It teaches you something about yourself, others and life
  • A loss will ALWAYS redirect your steps
  • Push you further into your destiny

Stay Blessed

Lots Of Love



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Taking a loss is part of the circle of life
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