After my first solo trip to Gothenburg in Sweden back in may, I had a rude awakening about solo travel. It is something I strongly believe every black woman should experience at least once during their lifetime. I never knew how liberating and insightful a solo trip could be until I experienced it for myself. I’ve since gone on to book my 2nd solo trip to Paris in December to see my boo Ari Lennox.

It’s crazy to see my personal growth within a year because there’s no way I would have done this in 2018. Now look at your girl, I’m more ready than ever to go out there and see the world. I have caught the solo travel bug, it’s contagious and I want every black woman to catch it too. So sis if you’ve put the idea off or you’ve procrastinated for way too long, now is the time. It is my hope that this post encourages you to FINALLY book that solo trip.

solo trip for black women

I wasn’t always the biggest solo travel advocate.

Before I took my fist solo trip I was in limbo whether to jet off alone. I went back and forth with the thought for ages. One of the main reasons being in the past I’ve had two failed solo travel attempts. Despite this though I was determined MORE THAN EVER to make it happen this year by fire or by force. I guess you can say that a third time is a charm because my Getaway to Gothenburg for one was a total success. Further proving to me that when the time is right everything shall fall in its rightful place.

I’m glad that I threw myself in at the deep end and listened to my gut. As a matter of fact I didn’t really know what to expect before travelling solo. I did a lot of research and I asked my supportive travel network lot of questions. But, nothing I did prepared me well enough for what I experienced being in an unknown country alone. I felt somewhat free, liberated and eager. I was eager to explore, engage and enjoy all that Gothenburg had to offer me. I will forever cherish my first solo travel experience.

3 reasons why a solo trip is needed sis

As of right now, I feel heavily compelled to make noise about this and encourage other black women to embrace solo travel. In the past I’ve always been a big advocate of travelling with a buddy (read about it here later). But why should black women in 2019 be limiting themselves to one type of travel experience? When it is possible for them to have it all. To summarise, here are a few reasons why you need to quit playing sis and book your first or another solo trip.

1. A solo trip will give you lots of freedom to just do YOU

Travelling alone allows you to have the ultimate freedom to dance to the sound of your own beat. You’re in full control of your itinerary. Free to do whatever your heart desires without any restrictions. There is no room for compromising in order to meet someone in the middle. A solo trip gives you so much personal flexibility. This level of freedom is extremely refreshing because you’e operating solely on your time, needs and wants.

2. 100% personal confidence booster

Even though I’m a very confidence person already, my solo trip gave me an extra boost of confidence. It will definitely do the same for you. By being able to get yourself from one place to another and meet new people will make you see that you’re capable of doing anything. I found that I wasn’t afraid to strike up conversations with strangers or set out on an adventure. Those things boosted my confidence and I felt more comfortable to put myself out there.

3. Quality YOU time

Generally speaking, being alone isn’t something that most people like. I totally get it but quality YOU time is beneficial in so many ways. A solo trip allows you to immerse yourself in your own company. In our day to day lives we can get very caught up with our adulting responsibilities, hardly having any time to pour back into ourselves. On a solo trip you can do that plus more.

My first solo trip gave me the opportunity to really clear my mind and focus on the present and live in the moment. In addition to this I found myself digging deeper into my personal reflection bag more than usual. Time away from familiar territory and people helped me look at myself and my life in greater depths.

Now I know the thought of travelling alone might make someone feel scared or worse yet uncomfortable. But no one knows really knows what their capable of until they step out and get it done. The same rules apply to taking that first solo trip. It doesn’t even have to be very far away from home. Start small! Consider taking a solo staycation in your city, see how you go then take it from there.

I look forward to hearing about your solo trip when you finally take the plunge. If you’re not new to solo travel, feel free to drop some thoughts or words of encouragement down below.

Stay Blessed

Lots of love



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solo trip for black women