My personal fitness journey started quite some time ago. Throughout the years I’ve seen my body transform and grow stronger. But, one thing that has always negatively impacted my fitness journey is my lack of discipline. As a result, it has stopped me from achieving my personal fitness goals.

My lack of discipline in the kitchen and gym has been a hinderance. Poor portion control and not being dedicated to my workouts are two of my main problems. Plus, a whole lot of other contributing factors. In all honestly what is all boils down to is my lack of discipline. I’ve been standing in my own way.

I knew I had to make serious mindset and lifestyle changes in order to get where I need to be. I had to ensure that my fitness journey truly became part of my lifestyle and not a chore. Since I came to that conclusion everything changed for me. If you find yourself stuck or going around in circles with your personal fitness journey check out my tips below.

Find out what is your why

First thing firsts you need to establish your why. Once you figure this out, you’ll be able to strategize effectively. Where your personal fitness journey is concerned it’s important to know what you want. When setting fitness goals be sure to pin point what it is you’re trying to achieve and most importantly why.

This way you’ll have something to focus on and work towards. Always make sure that your motivations for getting fit are for you and only you.


Change your Mindset

The amount of times that I’ve restarted my fitness journey is somewhat embarrassing. I’ve thrown in the tile way too many times. Eventually I got sick of repeating this cycle especially since I knew that I was more than capable of doing so.

I soon realised I had to change my mindset towards my fitness journey if I wanted to see real long-lasting results. Before you can achieve something in the physical you have to put your mind to it first. Our minds are a powerful tool that can help us achieve practically anything.

In addition to a new mindset I adopted a new attitude to go with it. To do this I changed my definition of fitness and instead made physical activity a priority. Something I choose to do every day out of habit and necessity. I started to think of it like keeping up with personal hygiene and paying my bills etc. If you change the way you think about physical activity, I guarantee things will change.

Start Small

Once you get your mindset in order it’s time to get the ball rolling. At the moment I work out between 5 – 8 times a week because I genuinely enjoy working out. Another reason is I’m able to commit that much of my time weekly.

But I didn’t always start out that way. When I started my fitness journey years ago 3 days a week was good enough for me. Even then I struggled to stay committed and keep up.

So, my advice to you would be to start small, commit yourself and then build your way up. If you can only dedicate yourself to 20mins of exercise once a week then so be it. Getting started is more important

Natural Supplements & Vitamins

Natural Supplements & Vitamins give the body essential nutrients that help the body and provide it for many functions. Taking Vitamins and supplements can help with increased energy production, physical training and weight-loss.

Since I started incorporating them into my lifestyle, I’ve seen major changes in my energy levels. At the moment I take a number of vitamins such as take Liquid Iron, Vitamin D, and additional multi-vitamins.

In addition to that I take a range of natural supplements. Something I’ve recently added to my collection is an 100% natural dietary supplement designed exclusively for women called Hourglass fit.

Hourglass Fit is manufactured in certified facilities in the USA, using proven natural ingredients to help boost the user’s metabolism and crush cravings. The product, which is both gluten and vegan friendly, complements a healthy and active lifestyle. The product uses proven 100% natural ingredients to help boost metabolism and crush cravings. 

The ingredients have been specially selected as they are scientifically proven to work. For example, glucomannan is a natural appetite suppressant, zinc supports the immune system and aids digestion and 5-HTP improves mood levels and enhances motivation.  The product is both gluten free and vegan friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of people.
Hourglass Fit costs £35 and more information can be found at

Since I started using Hourglass fit my cravings have dramatically reduced. Which has definitely been a big help with my fitness journey so far. I’ve been able to stay within my daily calorie deficit much better than before. I take the supplements four times a day after each meal. They’re easy to take and have really helped to take my 2020 fitness journey to the next level.

Get Creative

Trying new things and getting creative with your fitness journey helps to spice things up. Since the gyms closed and I had to work out at home your girl had to get creative with her workouts. I’ve now started doing step workouts, going for runs in the park and using everyday things like tings and bottle of water for weights.

It’s not as good as the gym but I make it work. If you’re back in the gym I’ll encourage you to try new things and switch it up. Sometimes doing the same thing gets boring and repetitive. Throw in a few shock days and I guarantee your body will thank you in the long run. Adding new things to your routine will boost your fitness morale and keep you on your toes.


Stop Comparing

Comparison is the thief of joy – keep this at the forefront of your mind. I see so many bad ass fitness girls on social media and yes, I’ve compared myself to them way too many times. But it sadly didn’t get me very far. It’s so easy to fall into the comparison trap where fitness is concerned but don’t do it.

Focus on yourself and your own fitness goals because if you compare yourself to others will only distract you so don’t waste your time. KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOU!

Progress takes time

It takes up to 12 weeks to see fitness results so please be patient with yourself. Trust me when I say you’re not the only one who wishes that you could see the results as soon as you finish working out. Great things take time and so will your fitness goals. Be patient, stay committed, do the work and in due course you’ll see the results.

Just make sure you’re doing your part by maintaining a balanced diet and getting those workouts in.

Please note this post is a gifted collaboration with Hourglass Fitness.

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Stay blessed

Lots of love