In the the past I was never really money savvy when it came to my travels.Travelling on a budget was not something that I was familiar with. In fact, I would spend x amounts on flights, hotels and activities without doing my research. I felt like just because I had the funds to do so I could spend whatever I wanted. To me the process of fishing for travel deals or finding ways to save coins was extremely tedious.

However since I’ve become a ‘Travel blogger’ I’ve come to learn a few money saving tips and tricks. Now they might not save me a huge amount of money but as Tesco says “every little helps”. In this Pre-Brexit economy I’ve become a lot more conscious about my money and how I’m spending it. Travelling is a luxury but it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. So feel free to use the following tips and tricks as you please. If you have any gems to share please drop them in the comments below.

Travelling on a Budget hacks

1. Set a budget & become a regular saver

Once you’ve decided where in the world you’re going set yourself a budget for that trip. Factor in everything from accommodation, clothing, activities, food and other things . This is something that I never used to do as I had a free flow money policy. Well sensible adulting requires better money management and I had to get in line and you should too. Also every month aim to put away money for your travels and watch it build up for you next trip. JWV TRAVEL TIP- Start a saving challenge!

2. Use flight comparison sites

Flight comparison sites like Sky Scanner, Google flights and Kayak compare the prices of flights, hotels and train tickets in one go so you don’t have to. I personally prefer using google flights but I must admit the search ‘everywhere’ feature on SkyScanner does come in handy. It carries out a multiple search for everywhere for the cheapest flights saving you a lot of leg work.

If you’re interested in travelling at a certain time during the year you can also sign up for price alerts. This way you’re able to keep an eye on particular flights. Another good way to find flight deals is to sign up to your favorite airlines mailing list. You’ll be kept in the loop of any upcoming mega sales or hot deals as soon as they become available.

3. Travel outside of peak seasons

It sounds crazy but you can save a good chunk of money depending on which day or time of year you choose to fly out. Char over at memoirs and musings doesn’t travel during peak seasons like summer and it makes perfect sense. Flight & hotel prices drop significantly for certain destinations if you choose to visit outside of peaks season like summer and Christmas. Keep this in mind when booking your upcoming travels. Did you know? It’s cheaper to book flights on a Tuesday. Browse flights on private mode in your web browser.

4. Be accommodation-savvy

Hostel – Airbnb- Hotel- Couch surf – In todays travel economy you have many options when it comes to accommodation. I’ve never stayed in a hostel before but a little birdie told me that they’re super cheap compared to hotels and Airbnb’s. Staying in a hostel is on my bucket list though but its way down on the list. Hostels are extremely cost effective and you can find some great ones that offer a variety of services. As for Airbnb’s I would be down to stay in one but for a group holiday. I’m not too keen on booking one in another country by myself. I don’t think I’m all the way there yet just yet. COUCH SURFING is practically free and I heard in these travel streets that it’s actually not that bad. I have no plans to find out but if you have any experienced it please do tell me what went down.

To be totally honest I’m just a sucker for top notch hotels. I have always preferred to stay in hotels and I don’t see that changing anytime soon., Expedia, Voucher Codes & are some of the best places to look for hotel deals. Throughout the week most of these sites have flash deals giving you the opportunity to snag a hotel for a sweet price. Personally I prefer because they have been good to me throughout the years. I totally stan for them plus I love their flexible payment and cancellation policies. I’m now a Genius member and I have access to exclusive deals and special hotel rates. Feel free to use my special code click here to enjoy 10% off your next hotel booking.

5. Do lots & lots of free stuff

The best way to travel on a budget is to do free things. I’ve done quite a lot of free activities during my travels over the years. Trip advisor is a good place to start looking for free things to do in another country. Money does make the world go round but you don’t always need it to have a good time. There are so many great things that you can do for free abroad for e.g. walking or group tours, free entry museums/art galleries plus many more. Sometimes it’s good to go off the beaten path and do something different you just have to be willing, open minded and creative.

6. Public transport abroad is bae

The key to travelling on a budget is finding innovative way to save some money. Using public transport abroad is a money saving gem that everyone needs to consider. Local taxis and Ubers will eat away at your travel money if you’re not careful. So I will always encourage you to use public transport whee necessary. In Europe I prefer using public transport because its super easy to use and most run an efficient service.

I enjoy mingling with the locals and using public transport allows me to do that. On my first solo trip I met the most loveliest people on tram and buses. I even took the coach from the airport to my hotel and I would definitely do that again. It gave me a chance to get a good introduction to Gothenburg and the local people. Contrary to popular belief Uber isn’t necessarily the cheapest mode of transport abroad. In fact, I found it to be bloody expensive. So here’s some money saving advice, scrap Ubers use local taxi service or stick to public transport all together.

7. Travel Light

I mentioned in 3 tips to help you slay whilst travelling light that I used to struggle with my luggage because I always overpacked. Well on my first solo trip I had to make do with a carry on. I was not down to pay extra for luggage just for a long weekend trip, no mam. PACK LIGHT!!!!!!

Ditch the 23kg luggage allowance for carry on luggage instead. I didn’t think I would’ve be able to cope but I survived and here I am telling you the tale. Another one of my fave Travel gals Meg from has travelled to countries within Asia for 10days with just a carry on. So when I tell you that it is possible I’m not exaggerating. Meg also has some great tips on how to pack a carry on case strategically too. Be sure to open up a new tab to check out her site (click here) once you’ve finished reading this. Meg has lots of travel light gems over on her platform.

8. Pack light snacks and set a daily food budget

I find that I spend a majority of my money on food when l’m travelling. Which makes sense as I cant go abroad to starve myself. So I made sure to pack some light snacks with me when I was in Gothenburg. Obviously I packed appropriate things that I could take through security. Word of advice, Leave the jerk chicken and Jollof rice at home peeps. I found that I had more money to play with because I was able to munch on light snacks in between my meals through the day.

Setting a daily food budget is another great way to save money if you travelling on a set budget. The budget you set will depend on the country and of course what you like to eat so do keep that in mind. Some of my favourite travel snacks include chocolate covered rice cakes, protein packed breakfast bar, low calorie crisps and popcorn. Pack a few light snacks on your next trip and see how you get on.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Please feel free to share more tips and trick below 🙂

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