On the mission to chasing new experiences you are bound to run into opposition in the form of family and friends, but don't sweat it!

Much more than a moto

If you follow me on the gram (you better be following me on the gram lol) you might have noticed in my bio it says “New experience is Bae”. This right here is my personal mantra that I often chant and live by. As you know I am single but this mantra is not something that I say because I am soothing my wounds due to the lack of companionship. My singleness is down to my own personal choice believe or not and unlike NSG I can never run outta options, lol. Also I would like to put it out there that men are mad and at this point in my life  I don’t have enough capacity left in me to deal with them or their madness. At present other things have my attention and chasing new experiences just happens to be one of them.

Earlier this year, I went on my first Ski trip to the Borovets Ski zone in Bulgaria and it was absolutely amazing! I never imagined that I would go ever skiing but that did not mean that I was not open to the idea. The opportunity was yet to present itself to me and when it did I grabbed on it without a second thought. Many people were quite shocked when I revealed that I would be heading to Bulgaria of all places to go play in some snow. More fool them, because they should have ever tried to put me in a box in the first place. I mean I did receive a few raised eyebrows and some sarcastic remarks but I honestly didn’t let any of that phase me. 

Heres the thing

I have come to realise that people will put you in a box with a label or a few on it. In this box contains their idea, view and perception of you. Sadly you have no control or say over this box or what goes in it even though it pertains to you, can you imagine?. So here is some free game on how to deal with that and don’t worry you can thank me later.

In life when you decide to do something new or different, it will most likely come as a shock and surprise to those around you. It is likely you will be faced with banter, hostility, negativity, and maybe even criticism but don’t ever sweat it. Breaking the rules, colouring outside of the lines, saying f you to the status quo, bruking out to chase new experiences will ALWAYS come at a cost. It might leave you on the wrong side of others but as I said to you earlier, don’t sweat it.

True tea

For some weird reason when you dare to be different or start to do “new things” it makes people and their little box of labels feel some type of way. But the issue is not really with you or what you’re doing, it is more to do with those individuals, how they feel about themselves and their own lives. It is never ever really about you, please don’t you ever forget that.

I have seen this scenario play out time and time again in past friendship groups of my own and some that I have observed. Individuals start to feel left out or behind when they see their friend or friends start to do new things. I get it and this is very normal but in all honesty none of that is my problem or yours. In my quest to becoming the woman I need to be I can’t come and kill myself worrying about how others may feel about me spreading my wings and quite frankly neither should you.

Don’t be put off by how others react towards you on your quest to do something NEW. Make seeking new experiences is a priority for you in 2019. Use the phrase if you have to, write it down in your journal or stick it above your bedroom door. As much as I love organisation I despise routine.You are allowed to try new things, travel to unusual places and explore as longs as you are not harming yourself. The opinions of others matter to the majority, but If you live your life according to the box that other people put you in, my dear you will certainly suffer.

In 2019

So far this year in my quest for new experiences I have been busy;

  • Managing a fully self hosted blog
  • Skiing in Bulgaria
  • Sent out my first news letter for Jennasworldview.com
  • Planning my first event #JWVDayParty (tickets are out now)
  • I booked my first ever solo trip to Gothenburg in Sweden (Woohoo)
  • Changed career industry from healthcare research to social media/tech
  • Contributing to for different Podcasts (TwoDorasInAPod and HonestyHour episodes will be out soon)
  • Hosted an event for the first time (Shout out to Black Travel Creators for the opportunity)
  • Flew with Ryanair omg lol

This is only the beginning and I plan to keep the momentum going and do much more. Now taking in all that I mentioned above, don’t let the rest of 2019 pass you by without getting out there and chasing those new experiences whatever they may be. Forget what others think, do you, stay safe, willing and ready to cease new opportunities when they come your way.

Stay blessed

Lots of Love



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