Diaspora wars online

Every few weeks on black twitter UK there seems to be an increase of diaspora wars popping off. These diaspora wars are out of control and they really need to stop. All it takes is for someone to write a mad tweet and all hell breaks loose. When this happens there is no turning back. Everyone is coming out with their flags to drag and draw blood. People go straight for the jugular in order to defend their beloved countries and there is no middle ground during these diasporas wars either. Anything that can be used as ammunition is used and it’s not a pretty sight. Trust me when I say nothing or no one is safe.

Issa war zone online

In the past I’ve have had to get down and dirty on the TL. Someone thirsty for attention made a disrespectful tweet about West Indians and our family structure. I rightfully chimed in and defended my people by giving my two cents. Do I regret it? Absolutely not! The person deserved to be pulled up for the level of STUPIDITY they were displaying. See when you do clownery the clown comes back to bite.

Looking back now even though I didn’t disrespect them or their country, I shouldn’t have wasted my time nor my energy.When people come online dissing Africans or West Indians they simply must be ignored. Again this is very much easier said than done. I’ve simply come to realise that people chat nonsense online for clout and attention. Some people are willing to roll deep down in the mud for a few retweets. It’s a sad case of affairs and it happens everyday. The best way to deal with them is to not give them the attention their so desperately crave. Better yet, don’t get caught up in their foolery by going back and forth with them either. Report the tweets, block and go about your day.

Ignorance is trash & it’s not ok!

I hate to admit this but there are some African and West Indian people who will always think negatively about each other. To be honest its not right and I expect it from the older generation. Reason being most of them grew up in a time where they were much more segregated. It’s very understandable why both sides will have negative misconceptions about each other. At this point it is what it is for the older generation. Some of them are so stuck in their ignorant ways we’ll just have to leave them right there unfortunately .

I’m more concerned about the younger generation of African and West Indian people. Nowadays we’re much more integrated with each other than our parents and elders ever were. All thanks to the education system, social media, workplace, entertainment and wider community. Who would have ever thought that you would be eating Jollof rice with Jerk Chicken??? In 2019 there really is no excuse for the nonsense we’ve been keeping up with online because we know better. We certainly have come a mighty long way and that’s great. However these diasporas wars highlight that there is still residue of ignorance and misconceptions alive in both communities. For me personally this is a cause for concern and must be nipped in the bud.

We look very dumb talking about each other in a negative light!

I cant stress this enough but we look insane online talking down on one another. The slave masters must be OT bopping in their graves seeing us go at it. We have to stop showing each other up because it’s horrible, embarrassing and damn right disrespectful. Diaspora wars to me come like online black on black crime. How can we expect others to respect or even take us seriously when we keep showing ourselves up???. It’s so counter productive and we’re not getting anywhere indulging in this madness.

It’s time for the new generation of African & West Indians in Britain to really pattern up. If you haven’t noticed by now our culture is being sucked for blood left right and centre. We as a people are being marginalized and our communities are being gentrified. To make matters worse our young people are dying on the streets at a rapid rate. The price of plantain/tin is going up and people keep mis using the word Bumboclaat. I’m tired and quite frankly I’m so over the bullshit. There are bigger issues at hand in our community and I wish we’d stop wasting our energy dragging each other online.

Diaspora wars are damn right hurtful

One day I came on twitter and my entire day was ruined by a tweet disrespecting West Indian mothers. When I read it honestly it made me feel as though a stray bullet just went through my chest. My head was spun and I was so triggered. I immediately closed the app and came off line for a few hours. Even though the tweet was totally wild and untrue it made me feel some type of way. I’m sure when the shoe is the other foot African people have definitely felt the same. We have to stop verbally violating each other online it’s not nice. I can’t even begin to imagine how those of mixed heritage must feel when these diaspora wars go down.

Here are a few tweets that I’ve seen

“Your Dad went to the shop & never came back” – This joke is dead! In fact its worn out like one tired frontal. Its totally not funny and I wish people would stop making vile jokes about absent fathers. Especially since this is one of the main contributing factors as to why many young people across the country have entered into a life of crime and violence. For the record fathers walking on their families is not just a West Indian thing. It’s a common act of fuckery that can be found in many different cultures across the world.

“Traditional clothing is ugly anyway” – How sway? because I’m ready to tie gele and slay some material any day of the week boo. The fact that African communities are still able to wear their traditional clothing is actually beautiful. Some people forget that black people were slaves once upon a time. We were forced to stop speaking in our mother tongue and stripped of our practices. Taken against our will and forced to adopt a new way of life. To hate traditional clothing or African traditionals screams lack of knowledge to me and thats a bit wayward. PICK UP A DAMN BOOK! I personally love seeing traditional clothing because I know that it carries such a rich history. For the record there are various countries in the West Indies that have traditional clothing also e.g. Jamaica and Dominica.

“We all know Caribbeans don’t marry” – First of all Caribbeans is not a word. Secondly this is bullshit. Last but not least stop weaponizing people with marriage it’s totally bad vibes.

“Why tf do you guys have so many names?” – If I slap!!!!!!!! No grown adult with access to the internet should make such an ignorant statement online.

Can we all just get along?

I added those tweets into this post because I wanted you to see the foolery and of course add more context. The worse thing is there is more where these came from those ones are very lightttttttt. When I was reading those tweets back to myself they didn’t even sound right. So it baffles me that another black would tweet such wreck.

I’m going to be honest and share that the diaspora wars is a new thing for me. I grew up on the Myatts Field North estate in Brixton from birth until the age of 13. My neighborhood was very tight knit. My closest neighbors were Ugandan and when I tell you everyone on our estate lived like one big happy family. When my mum would cook a pot of soup on a Saturday she would knock their door and share with them. At all our intimate family events we were always there for each other. We truly lived in unity even with our ups and downs. So I feel like this is one of the reasons why diaspora wars will never ever really sit well with me. I wasn’t exposed to that growing up and even through my time in education I was always unified with my classmates from different countries across Africa.

I’m only going to say this once

Black people in general have been through too much and we shouldn’t deal with each other like this. It sad and it makes no sense whatsoever. We’re a force when we join our hands together. Why you do you think others would prefer to see black people stepping on each others necks??? Think about that and be mindful of it going forward. African & West Indian communities in the UK MUST come together for the bettering of our people. So the next time you see any diaspora nonsense popping off online MUTE, REPORT & BLOCKKKKK…..!!!!


Stay blessed

Lots of love



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