Today is my blogs 1st birthday.

I could not think of a better way to celebrate than by going self-hosted and giving my website a new look, a new feel and just a whole new vibe. Welcome to Jenna’s World View 2.0.

 A year ago

On Friday 2nd March 2018 at 8pm I clicked the publish button on my first blog post When in Rome, do Shows. I did not know much about the blogging world and I literally took the biggest leap of faith and just dived right in.

One year later and Jenna’s World View has been viewed in over 120+ countries across the world. The response to me and the response to my content has truly blown my mind.

My blogging journey so far has been liberating, educational and  somewhat fulfilling. But the best part for me has to be connecting with my readers. It still shocks me the number of people out there who find my views and personal stories relatable. Whenever someone reaches out to me about one of my posts, it leaves me stunned. The response to post like You’re Pretty for a Dark-skinned girl, The Poison of Comparison, and My Post Break up Travel Series really took me back. I never ever thought that there would be people out there who could connect with some of my most intimate thoughts.

Let me be clear

In all honesty I am not the best writer in the world and I don’t always get it right. There is so much that I have learned and still earning about writing and creating content. Thank you for bearing with me as I navigate my way through unfamiliar territory.

The best part of the journey so far

Jenna’s World has allowed me to cross paths with some amazing individuals and creatives alike. My blog has become a safe space online for me to think and share out loud. I could not have imagined that sharing my experiences through writing would have been so therapeutic for me. I did not know how much I needed this Jenna’s World View until now and I honestly can not live without it.

So I just want to say a big big big thank you to every single one of you, who has taken the time out to visit Jenna’s World View. I truly appreciate the support that have received over this last year.

Now I do not know what my 2nd year of blogging will bring but I am dedicated to continue to create meaningful content for me, whatever it may be. I also aim to collaborate with more gifted individuals and meet lots more new people.

I look forward to growing, collaborating and sharing the next level of my creative journey with you.

Oh and one last thing

 I have decided to put on my first event this coming August so please, please, please

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday 3rd August 2019




Real Talk

I would like to give my readers a chance to come and vibe with me

welcome to jenna's wolrd view 2.0

I look forward to seeing you there.

Ticket info will be out soon