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If you think staying motivated to work out on a normal day was a struggle. Try finding the will power to do so in the middle of a world pandemic. It’s far from easy but it’s definitely possible. You’ve probably heard that before but all you need is some will power, dedication and a workout schedule to get you going. Below, I’ve listed 6 ways you can stay motivated to work out during a lockdown.

Someone busier than you is working out right now


Organisation is key.

With most things in life if you want something you simply just have to make the time for it. The same applies to working out and staying fit in a lockdown. You need to work out when will be the best time for you to get that work out in. If you only have 20 minutes to spare three times a week then why not start there?.

Create a reward system

Before I got into the groove of working out I created a reward system for myself. If I worked out for a minimum of three days I would reward myself e.g. watch one of my favourite shows or buying myself something I wanted. I found with creating a personal reward systems or myself it helped me to stay motivated and on track.

It helped me a great deal because I struggled a lot with self-discipline and accountability in this area. I also found that when I started hitting my target of working out three days a week I started to increase my rewards and goals.

Invest in some new workout gear

Investing in some new workout gear will get you excited about working out. There is something about new workout gear that gives you a boost of energy. I know whenever I buy new workout bits I can’t wait to get a session in. When it comes to workout gears it always better to invest in some good quality activewear.

I find that these fast fashion companies only offer fashionable gear and that’s about it. I was sent some activewear from Tog24. The company are based in Yorkshire and produce great high-quality clothing proudly designed in to withstand all of the elements. I was very impressed by the quality of the items received because they’re quick-drying, snug and lightweight.

To see what I received from TOG24 check out my Instagram @jennasworldview. Tog24 cater to men, women and children.

Set small fitness goals

The reason you’ve probably lost motivation for your workouts is that your short term fitness goals are too ambitious. Now, I am not telling you to not aim high I’m telling you to be more realistic. Set smaller fitness goals, smash them and then repeat. I suggest setting yourself a goal of doing 10 reps of one exercise that you’re not so fond of everyday and build yourself up over time. By doing this you’ll be able to increase your fitness goals, build up your strength and most importantly stay motivated. 

Make it exciting

I never used to like working as much as I do now. In the past, I would simply disengage and lose interest in my workouts. But, the moment I started mixing things up everything changed. I throw new exercises into my routine every week to keep me on my toes. It makes things feel less repetitive and I actually look forward to my sessions every time I work. Breathe some new life I not your workouts today by switching things up. Even changing your workout playlist will help to spice things up a bit. 


A few years go it dawned on me that I have committed to everybody else but myself. It was an uncomfortable revelation that smacked me in the face but I definitely needed it. I’d always start a new fitness journey and never sticking to it long enough to see the results. Unfortunately, I wasn’t holding myself accountable in this area and I needed to get to myself together. I had to get brutally honest with myself and work out why I was struggling in this area. 

Once I was clear on that I created a work out schedule and an activity tracker for myself. This was a great way for me to keep a log of everything that I was doing. By going about it this way I was able to stay on course and it  really helped to shift my attittude. It’s great having people hold you accountable to your personal goals.  However, there comes a point in time when you have to find the strength to stay motivated on your own and this was it for me.

Below, I’ve listed ways you can stay motivated and accountable to yourself:

  1. Be brutally honest with yourself
  2. Commit to a schedule
  3. Create micro-goals
  4. Be your own hype man
  5. Define your why
  6. Celebrate little wins
  7. Review how you’re doing

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Stay blessed

Lots of love