Tips For Solo Female Travel To Dubai

So you’re a solo female traveler planning to visit Dubai! You’ll now naturally have an onslaught of concerns and questions about the destination’s safety, accessibility, and etiquettes, among other aspects. Well, in a single phrase, Dubai is absolutely safe for solo female travelers. But if still in doubt, read this concise guide which comes handy for your Dubai solo female travel to Dubai.

Top Reasons That Make Dubai Safe For Solo Female Travelers

Zero or low crime rates: In every way, Dubai is one of the world’s safest destinations. It has a near crime-free environment where violent crimes are rarely reported.

Excellent travel infrastructure: With best of attractions, plentiful of accommodation and dining choices, smooth roads, and exceptional transport options, Dubai is unrivaled for its high-end infrastructure.

There is never a dull moment: Whether you’re traveling solo or in group, you can be guaranteed of a Dubai holiday filled with exciting experiences. It’s mainly thanks to its many amazing leisure and recreational choices, ranging from remarkable events and shows to exhilarating desert adventures, incredible theme parks and fun-filled water activities.

Important Travel Information

Best Time to Visit: Peak season is from November to March when the climate is at its best with clear skies and pleasant coolness. April to June may not be cool but it’s still ideal to experience the outdoors moderately. However, July to September is low season due to harsh summer heat. But the good news is that accommodation and airline tickets come down to rock bottom. This makes it the most ideal time for budget travel. Now if you’re skeptical about things to do in Dubai during summer months, don’t as the city’s endless amount of indoor attractions.

Travel Formalities: First of all, check whether you’re allowed for a visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival at Dubai International Airport. If you’re not entitled for any kind of visa exemptions, make sure that you apply for a Dubai visa and get it approved well before your proposed travel date to Dubai. Also, pre-book your accommodation, flights, sightseeing and activities all at least two to three months before. This not only eliminates all hassles and confusions but also lets you save enormously on your travel.

Getting Around:

If you prefer to use Dubai’s public transport for safety reasons, they are luckily one of the best in the world. There are buses, ferries cabs, and mostly, Dubai Metro which is driverless and swiftest of all. And by topping up a single NOL card, you can access and make payment for all transport means in Dubai.

Important Numbers & Apps

Once in Dubai, make sure that you save these numbers on your phone.

  • Police: 999
  • Police (Emergency): 901
  • Ambulance: 998 and 999
  • Fire Department: 997
  • Electricity: 991
  • Water complaints: 922

Also, have these app downloaded on your phone or device, such as RTA, Dubai Metro, Careem, Talabat (Food Delivery), and The Dubai Mall.

Packing Essentials

The general rule is to pack lightly but include the following:

  • Modest wear that is comfortable as well.
  • Carry a light jacket or shawls for your visits to heavily air-conditioned indoor attractions or conservative places of interest.
  • Bring hats, sunglasses, sunblock lotion / cream etc.

Most of all, be aware of local rules and laws

  • Dubai is an Islamic destination which is extremely proud of its cultural and religious roots.
  • Make sure that you don’t indulge in any activity that disowns its culture or traditions.
  • Wear non-revealing dresses, especially when you visit mosques or religious landmarks.
  • Avoid eating and drinking in public during Ramadan.
  • No PDAs allowed.
  • There will be fines imposed for drink drive, smoking in public etc.

Top Safety Hacks And Tips For Females Traveling Solo In Dubai

Top tips for solo female travel to Dubai

  • Don’t give publicity but let it not be an utter secret as well: Yes, you needn’t have to make your solo trip public to a large number of friends. That said, make sure that your dear ones or family members back home are well aware of your Dubai travel program and all other details such as where you’re planning to stay in Dubai, destination contact information etc.
  • Take Group Tours: If you feel awkward getting out alone, take a guided sightseeing excursion or shared desert safari Dubai arranged through an experienced travel service provider. But, be sure to opt for a shared trip joined by like-minded people. This further allows for new friendships and makes the rest of the Dubai holiday more pleasant and enjoyable.
  • Have a safety kit handy: This is one of the vital things to consider when you travel alone. First of all, keep all your relevant documents including ID cards, visa papers, tickets etc in one place in a compact travel pouch or a wallet. And make sure that you’ve enough copies of these documents and have their digital versions too in order to avoid any impending trouble. As for safety tools, Dubai is a safe city, so you don’t really have to carry items such as pepper spray or Swiss army knives. But, it’s always recommended to have some thoughtful items that also double as a personal alarm, such as whistle which you can wear it around the neck as a chain or use as a keychain.

A few more tips

  • Fake it if necessary: No matter how safe or harmless a destination is, you can’t overlook the chances of potential threats or perils that come in the form of pickpocketing, identity theft etc. You mostly draw hazards or wrong people’s attention when you look confused or nervous. So to avoid this, don’t give any hint to others that you’re alone or oblivious even if you’re within. Instead, always try to project yourself as smart, confident and well conversant about the place. That said, don’t hesitate to get the right help (have all numbers handy) if you find yourself in any trouble.
  • Pick your accommodation wisely: You’ll be tempted to stay in a hotel or hostel away from the city centre mainly due to its affordability. But, our top suggestion is to always choose an accommodation that is centrally located and offer decent services and facilities. This not only provides easy access to the attractions or experiences covered in your travel program. It also helps you to avoid any long solo rides or dealing with a dubious cab driver in the nighttime.
  • Be cautious about your food and drinks: It’s okay to consume drinks from licensed bars or dining venues. But, be careful about how much you intake. Do not take any drinks form strangers, the same thing applies to items left unattended for long time.


All in all, Dubai is perfect for solo travel. And we hope that this guide with all relevant information and resourceful tips will make you self-assured about your solo female travel to Dubai.  

This post was written by Neha Singh, a travel Blogger, avid trekker & explorer. Be sure to check out more from her over at Dubai Wikia.

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