Switch things up

To “switch things up” means to make a change

Jenna’s World View 2020

Life can be one crazy journey! I’m only 28 and I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. Since I still have many more years ahead of me (IJN) I’m pretty certain there will be much more ups and downs coming my way. As unpredictable as life can be change is the only thing that is 100% guaranteed. There are certain things that will occur in your life that will leave you with no other choice but to change and switch things up. When Jhene Aiko said that “change is inevitable” my good sis told no lies.

Whether you like it or not change will eventually come knocking on your door. You can choose to open the door and welcome it with open arms. If you don’t it’ll probably kick the door off the hinges and come for you anyway. Take the current world pandemic for example it’s practically forced many of us to change the way we do life. We’ve had no other choice but to switch thing up even if we didn’t want to. So, I say that to say this always be ready for change.

Changing environments

As someone who has had many jobs, I’m not afraid of change. I’m young, free and have the ability to chase the money. So that’s what I choose to do. If someone is willing to pay me more, I won’t hesitate to pack my bags and go get that cheque. This probably doesn’t sound appealing and that’s ok.

It’s worked for me and as a result, my ability to adapt to change quickly just comes like second nature to me. My career is one of the areas of my life that is always changing and I’ve become accustomed to it. Being that I’m a travel blogger being in new environments regularly is my thing. Being in one place for too long doesn’t work too well for me.

As an adult, I’ve somehow fallen in love with moving around. And the crazy thing is I don’t know where this suddenly came from or why. During my childhood, I didn’t move about much. I’ve only ever lived in two places. I’m not sure whether my love for changing environments is a good or a bad thing. But, for me, life is constantly changing so what’s there is no point in getting attached to one place, person or thing. I prefer to position myself in a way where I’m constantly ready for change. I know this sounds a bit off but honestly, it works well for me.

Changing relationships

While moving around in my career has become like second nature to me, chasing change and switching up things in my relationships hasn’t been so easy. Growing in age and wisdom has taught me two valuable things about life and people. Life will switch up in a heartbeat. People will be themselves regardless of the titles they hold or who they may be to you.

Life doesn’t stay the same and neither do the people in our lives. As difficult as this may be the truth is this… people come and go. Relationship dynamics will change. You’ll lose and you’ll gain. Everything is seasonal even the people we’ve come to know, love and those we lose.

When relationship dynamics in my life would change for whatever reason I used to struggle with that a lot. I can admit that I have a stronger attachment to people rather than places and things. So, it used to be a lot for me to handle whenever past relationships went left. But the moment I realised that I can’t control people OR the things they do things shifted for me. What I can control is me, who and what I allow in my space. People change like the weather and they have the right to do so just like you and me. Everything is subject to changes and the quicker you realise that the better your life will be.

Don’t get left behind because in failing to change it will most likely hinder your growth. Switching things up and changing is part of the circle of life. In relationships, we must remember to embrace that. All things work together for our good even changes in our relationships.

Changing One’s Self

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve changed over the last few years. Most of the changes that I’ve experienced were either by force or made by conscious effort. Changing as a person and finding ways to switch things up has been an enjoyable journey for the most part. My faith has stretched me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. When you grow and evolve there is always something to learn about yourself in the process. Changing as a person is one of them.

For me, the most difficult part of switching things up was dealing with people who were accustomed to the old me. Do you know how frustrating it is doing things a new way and having certain people in your life disregard that? It’s very annoying and one of the most disheartening things that you could ever experience.

Before I launched my blog I wasn’t in a great place in my life. I was a state for a while and a lot of people became very familiar with that version of me. But when I decided to get up and dust myself off I found that it rubbed a few people the wrong way.

In the process of reinventing myself, I went on a beautiful journey of self-discovery. As a result, so many things about me changed. I grew deeper in my faith, my mindset was transformed, personal boundaries were put in place and the list goes on. Believe it or not, some of these things shifted things in my personal relationships. People often feel like you need permission to switch things up in your life and the truth is you don’t. You don’t need anyone’s co-signs or permission. If the people around you make you feel that way you probably need to take a good look at those relationships.

10 ways to switch things up in your Life

  1. Declutter your life
  2. Get clear on what it is that you want out of your life
  3. Feel the fear and do it anyway
  4. Set Goals
  5. Let Go of regrets
  6. Aim to live a well-balanced life
  7. Choose peace over everything every time
  8. Invest in yourself and your crafts, talents desires.
  9. Drown out the noise
  10. LOVE YOURSELF unapologetically

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