2020 so far has been brutal and I don’t know about you but I’m in need of a holiday, a well deserved luxe travel experience. Over the last few months we’ve had to create our own luxury from home. Once the travel industry get backs to some level of normality and it’s safe to travel we need to be ready to catch those flights.

So I reached out to my travel blogger gals to help me pull together ‘The Luxe Post Pandemic Destination Guide’. It’s the perfect guide filled with our personal fave luxe travel destinations that will inspire your next trip. We’ll be letting you know where to go and what to do post COVID.

2020/2021 Luxe Travel Destination Recommendations

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is Central America’s best hidden secret that also happens to sit on the coastlines of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. The country is well known for hot-springs, volcanoes, and biodiversity. Not to mention the long list of the adrenaline-pumping activities. If you’re interested in a luxe travel experience intertwined with relaxation and adventure Costa Rica will give you that plus more.

Top 3 things to do while there:

  1. Treat yourself to an authentic Costa Rican Mud bath and Vandara Hot Springs experience in Guanacaste. Allow yourself to unwind and enjoy a natural Hot Springs or refresh yourself with a volcanic mineral rich mud bath .
  2. Explore the streets of San Jose the capital city via a historical walking tour. Giving you the chance to learn about local flavors, culture, and history through the eyes of a local.
  3. Spend your evenings Sunset Sailing on the Catamaran tour. It’s perfect way to soak the sun, unwind and watch the sun go down

A secret travel hackMake the most of free cultural and nature activities that are available to both locals and tourists in Costa Rica.

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I’ve never actually been to St Tropez but nothing screams Luxe travel to me than Saint-Trope. It’s one of the most glamorous places in the South of France. Famous for their designer boutiques, luxury yachts and celebrity run in’s. It’s the ultimate luxe travel destination for lifestyle, travel and luxury. The best time to visit is in the summertime as everything it up, running and popping.

Top 3 things to do while there:

  1. Head to Nikki Beach or Lez Club 55 for a luxe beach party experience. If you know anything about Nikki Beach & Lez you then you know it’s where you need to be.
  2. Nothing screams luxe to me then sipping cocktails on a luxury Yacht and watching the sun go down. Head down to the St. Tropez Harbor to enjoy a luxury yacht experience. If you’re interested in sailing then be sure walk along the harbor and take a look at all the boats.
  3. If you want to experience St. Tropez night life the infamous Les Caves du Roy in Hôtel Byblos is the perfect place to dance the night away.

A secret travel hackHead to St Tropez market first thing in the morning so that you can enjoy an early breakfast and then explore the local market.

Char from Memoirs & Musings


Mykonos is known as the Ibiza of Greece for a reason. It has nightlife, an electric atmosphere along with turquoise water and golden sands. I wrote this in my blog post last year: 

“Instagram has a tendency to romanticise travel  but it’s all to do with perception, reality and our individual experiences. The end. But Mykonos should be on your radar for a solo trip in 2020 as you can change the narrative of your trip. Go solo. Go off peak and change the party destination into a place of peace.”

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Top 3 things to do while there:

  • 1. Get lost in Little Venice
  • 2. Mykonos Island Tour (Book via Get Your Guide)
  • 3. Indulge in some Greek wine

A secret travel hack Go off-peak for less crowds and cheaper deals on accommodation. I visited in in early October 2019 and the weather was in around 25C throughout my stay. I recommend staying at The George Hotel , 4 stars but feels like five. 


If you’re looking for a destination that blends old and new like your favourite beauty guru’s eyeshadow – Tokyo is for you. From the moment you land you are greeted with sophisticated technology and super kawaii kitsch characters directing you from A to B. The olympics was due to take place in Tokyo this year and sustainability was at the core of the games – “Be better, together – For the planet and the people.”

If isn’t a chance to experience the year 3,000 or try the best sushi in the world, it’s a chance to live out your gamer fantasy in the Akihabara district. 

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Top 3 things to do while there:

  1. Team Labs Borderless is an absolute must, there is no place quite like it.
  2. Karaoke is a huge part of Japanese culture and an hour in the booth is just the kind of fun you need to practice for the next season of X Factor.
  3. Tokyo Localized free walking tour – discover more on foot.

A secret travel hack – If you don’t mind flying indirect via Moscow, you can get a great deal on flights. I paid £340ish return in November 2019 and you can read all about my flight experience here. 

Meg from Megfabulous.com


Malaysia is the ultimate luxe destination for affordable luxury. Think overwater bungalows and fancy 5* hotels at a cheaper price than the more popular neighbouring countries. If you’re looking for somewhere to unwind and indulge after this difficult period, I highly recommend treating yourself to a spa resort in Malaysia.

Top 3 things to do while there:

  1. EAT! Malaysia has some of the best food I’ve tried in the world so be sure to sample as many of the local dishes as possible. Teh Tarik (milky tea drink) and any Sambal dish are my top recommendations.
  2. Indulge in beauty/spa treatments. There’s a strip near Jalan Alor where you can get (non-seedy) massages until the early hours of the morning for when you’re feeling spontaneous. Alternatively the hotels offer fancy spa packages at affordable rates.
  3. Explore the Golden Triangle and Bukit Bintang areas of Kuala Lumpur to see the Petronas Towers and visit the malls. I know it sounds very uncultured but Pavilion Mall is definitely a hot spot in the city and worth visiting at least once.

A secret travel hack – There’s a lot to see in Malaysia so I’d recommend visiting Kuala Lumpur and at least one coastal destination. I missed my connecting flight on the way home so I would also suggest spending one final night in KL on your way home to avoid a similar fate!

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is my favourite European city as it’s super chilled and laid back but also has good nightlife if you’re into that. It’s a great place to escape to for the weekend where you can enjoy a slower pace of life whilst benefiting from ‘big city’ amenities.

Top 3 things to do while there:

  1. Visiting a sauna is an absolute must! Whether you make use of your hotel’s facilities or make a day of it, you have to treat yourself to a spa day!
  2. Try Swedish Cinnamon Buns (Kanelbullar) which are so delicious and nothing like anything I’ve tasted in the UK. There are so many bakeries selling them in Gamla Stan, the area literally smells of cinnamon. Yum.
  3. Visit the flagship Acne store in Norrmalmstorg which is housed in the former bank building where the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ was coined during the 1973 bank heist.

A secret travel hack Stockholm is essentially a cashless society so only exchange a small amount of cash and be sure to walk with your credit/debit cards. Even entry to nightclubs requires a card payment!

Melissa from TheIslandgirl.co.uk


Post Covid19 you need to soak up all the Vitamin D that the Jamaican sun provides. We need Vitamin D more than ever after a few long months of little to no sunshine. Plus the Verzuz clash between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer is enough to make everyone want to go and explore Jamaica.

Top 3 things to do while there:

  1. Martha Brae river rafting (can’t recommend it enough)
  2. Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Have you ever been to a bar in the middle of the ocean before? Well, there is a first time for everything.
  3. Let your taste buds enjoy a Patty and Coco bread from Tastee’s. Thank me later.

A secret travel hack For a more authentic Jamaican experience, ask a local where they hang out 9/10 it won’t be the same as where the tourists go.

Ade from MyBreakingViews


Why you should go there post COVID19 (Focus on sustainability, eco-tourism, wellness, lifestyle etc).

Singapore is where the famous movie – Crazy Rich Asians were recently filmed. I lived in Singapore for 7 months and felt that it was the safest place in the world. Singapore is not the cheapest place to visit, but I always say it’s a great place to use as a base for other Asian countries you may want to visit.

Top 3 things to do while there

  1. The Singapore Flyer – I would suggest going in the evening so you can get a night view of the city. You will get a chance to see the river, Raffles Palace, Marina Bay, Empress Place and much more.
  2. China Town – You can’t go to Singapore and not head over to China Town! There is so much there. And when I say so much I mean culture and food! There are countless restaurants and hawker food vendors.
  3. Jewel Airport – Jewel Airport opened in April 2019 and is the most beautiful airport I have ever seen in my life! Yes, I said it! It has a nature-themed entertainment retail complex and has the most beautiful waterfall! You can see this at the very beginning or end of your trip.

A secret travel hack If you are looking to travel a few countries at a time then I would suggest going to Singapore as a base and then travelling to the neighbouring countries. Flights from Singapore to other South-East Asians countries can start at just £60 with AirAsia.

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Bali, Indonesia

Why you should go there post COVID19 (Focus on sustainability, eco-tourism, wellness, lifestyle etc)

Bali is a well-known destination for all travellers. Everyone wants to visit Bali. Bali is a place to go to if you want to live that Instagram lifestyle. Every street, restaurant, the hotel is Instagram friendly. You can go to Bali as a budget or luxury traveller.

Top 3 things to do while there

  1. Massage – Get yourself a massage upon arrival. It is needed after a long-ass flight and it’s hella cheap!
  2. Bali Swing – Sorry but you can’t go to Bali and not go on the Bali swing. There are so many to choose from, so I would always suggest asking your hotel for the closest ones.
  3. Bali Bola – In all my travels I must suggest some type of food for my travellers. You should head over to Bali Bola an Instagramable location for those that enjoy good food and travel pictures!

A secret travel hack Download the apps Gojeck and Grab, which are similar to Uber, but better and WAYYY cheaper (Uber is not used in most parts of Asia)! Some areas won’t allow you to be picked up by either of these apps, but if you can meet a nice driver you can make the arrangements for them to take your number and for them to pick you up when you want.

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