Before the global COVID-19 pandemic, the travel and tourism industries were growing at an exponential rate. Although this is on hold a little at the moment, it won’t be long until things return back to normal. You may even be planning to travel soon, or making plans for next year. This time more than ever, though, we need to be more mindful about the places that we travel to. As well as think about the impact that it has on the people and the places that we go to. Planning responsible and sustainable travel should be at the forefront of our minds going forward for the foreseeable future.

Being more sustainable when we travel, as well as being more responsible, is something that is really important. It is something simple and powerful, and it does make a difference. But why is responsible and sustainable travel something that is so important? Here are some things to think about.

 Sustainable Travel

Tips On How To Plan More Responsible And Sustainable Travel Post COVID-19

Helps Local Community

When there is an increase in visitors or tourism to a certain area, it tends to mean that a lot of businesses will move into the area. This can take some business away from smaller independent hotels, shops, restaurants, and other vendors. If you travel with sustainability and responsibility in mind, it will encourage you to use smaller businesses for your needs when you are away. You can find a McDonald’s in most places. But how about sampling local cuisine in a family run restaurant, or using local markets instead? 

 Sustainable Travel

Embrace Traditional Culture

There is a definite link with mass tourism and how it can overwhelm a certain area, meaning that the very culture that they want to experience is not quite genuine. Many will use this to earn money, rather than the traditional culture being protected and embraced. What you can do to help is starting off by educating yourself about the local and indigenous cultures to where you are planning to visit. Look up the local foods, arts, and shop local. You could even look for ways to help and volunteer at your destination, such as Indian volunteering, for example. When more responsible tourism becomes important to all and the wider community, then it will mean that there will be a need for more responsible tour operators.

Preserve the Environment

If there is anything that we have learned from this lockdown time, when travel has come to a standstill, is that the earth is precious and needs time to heal. If we aren’t responsible and travel with sustainability in mind, then we can be leaving more behind than footprints, and not in a good way. What we can do is make sure that we try to offset our carbon footprint with how we travel. You can do this by buying carbon offsets if you are going to be travelling by air. Avoiding plastic, putting things in bins and recycling, using natural and local products, and eating local foods, are all small things that can help. 

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