One day this Coronavirus pandemic will be all over. I for sure can’t wait for this thing to be a distant memory. When that day finally comes you have no excuse but to hop on the next flight out. The travel fever is going to be real.

It doesn’t matter how you get to your destination, or what you have to do when you arrive, as long as it includes a new country and people. That’s good when you think about it as travelling isn’t cheap. The average UK traveller spends around £5,000 for a six-month adventure around Southeast Asia, one of the more affordable locations.

Therefore, finding alternative ways to pay for your trip is a necessary evil. Still, there’s no need to see it as anything other than enjoyable and character-building. After all, pick the right method and you could be skiing, racing, or sleeping under the stars in your spare time. Right now we cant book much travel wise but we can have a good old day dream and add places to our bucket list.

So here are four weirdly wonderful ways to wander the world.

Spend A Season On The Slopes

Winter isn’t an excellent time for Brits. The weather is terrible, the nights are long, and the mood is downright dull. You probably think this is when savvy travellers choose a location in the southern hemisphere and chase the sun; however, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Our winter is their summer, and the prices reflect that. Anybody with a small budget is going to struggle as a result.

The alternative is to stay in the northern hemisphere, but you can spend a season on the slopes rather than going about your daily routine as per. From November through to April, chalet and ski equipment-hire companies ask employees to work and play. After all, your free time is your own once your cleaning duties are complete. So, you might want to check out the maintenance kits in this post because you could be there a while!

Whether it’s the Alps in Europe or Whistler in Canada, the potential destinations are endless.

Buy A Travel Trailer


Travel trailers are in fashion, and not only for budget travellers. This post proves that a clapped-out old campervan is a fantastic option for a luxury hotel, too. A trailer makes an excellent makeshift home for several reasons. Firstly, it’s easy to tow on the back of a car or truck (and you won’t need a certification if it’s smaller than a certain size). Plus, a trailer has plenty of room for activities.

However, it’s the affordable nature of a static travel caravan that enshrines them in the folklore of the travelling community. Kitted with cooking facilities and utensils, you can save money on food by buying inexpensive ingredients from a supermarket. Oh, and it doubles up as your accommodation, too.

Sure, fuel rates will be higher due to the additional resistance. Still, petrol prices outside of Europe are meager compared to the continent. The US, for example, pays around 50p per litre of fuel, which means touring the states won’t be overly pricey.

Enter The Mongol Rally


For those who haven’t heard of the Mongol Rally, you can learn more about it in great detail by checking out the account in this blog. A quick definition is that it is a rally that starts in Europe and finishes in Russia. Previous editions ended in Mongolia, for obvious reasons, yet it was too expensive, so it changed to Russia.

After a couple of hundred quid on your vehicle and entrance fees, you’re ready to drive this marathon journey. Along 10,000 miles of rugged terrain, you’ll visit countries including, well, whichever ones you want to as the rules are flexible! As long as you stick to the basics, such as car and engine size, it’s your prerogative.

This “rally” takes you to places you are never likely to go without breaking the bank.

Work On A Cruise Ship


Okay, there are better ways to see the world than working in a confined space for eighteen hours a day. It’s easier to fly to America and work in a bar! However, people forget the places you can only reach by boat. Ladies, and gentlemen, I give you Antarctica.

The continent that only a select handful of people can say they’ve experienced is about as exclusive as it gets. Thankfully, cruise ships that dock on the southern tip of South America provide an all-expenses-paid trip for lucky and hard-working travellers.

You’ve got to get to Ushuaia, which isn’t an easy feat, but if you do you’ll have the opportunity to tick this bucket list behemoth off your list. 

Anyway, I hope you’re doing good and coping well during this social distancing period.We’ll get through this trust me. Be sure to check out my two latest posts Self Isolate: How To Do It Like A G & Stay Productive & Fear: How To Deal With It During Covid-19.

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