My, my, my 2020 isn’t half way through and it has been nothing but eventful. With the global outbreak of the Coronavirus most of our daily lives have turned upside. Many of us are now having to self isolate from work and social gatherings. At this point we cant do much about what is currently happening. So let’s adapt and get adjusted to our new found realities. I’ll be rolling out lots of #CoronaContent during this time so please get comfortable. To kick off the roll out here are 5 tips to help you stay productive while you self isolate.

1. Now is the time to tap in

In a weird way I feel like this reshuffle to our lives is somewhat a blessing in disguise. You know I’m a believer so more time I see things through a spiritual lens. My faith helps me to find the silver lining in most things in order to make sense of it. The Coronavirus is no different.

As you self isolate now is the perfect time for you to tap in to all of the things that you never got round to starting or finishing. With all this additional time on your hands why not set some time aside to tap in to the things that have been abandoned. Unfinished content catching dust in your drafts. Beginning the early stages of a new venture, rewriting those business plans, revamping your website etc. With what is currently happening in the world it’s time to revisit those things with fresh eyes.

We’ll probably never get this time back again. Get your phone out set the timer for about 17 minutes and think about all of the things that you’ve allowed to fall by the wayside. Then decide which ones you can tap into during this time and get yourself stuck right in.

2. Ditch the unnecessary scrolling

When I looked at my screen time usage recently I could have collapsed. I’ve been working from home since the end of last week and my screen time is embarrassing to say the least. Losing yourself in your phone screen as you self isolate will do you more harm than good. Especially if you’re not plugging yourself in to things that are benefiting you.

Which leads me to my next point about what you can plug into as an alternative;

  • Read a book or listen to an audible
  • Journal
  • Brainstorm some creative ideas
  • Watch/listen to something educational
  • Take a free online course
  • Pray and meditate
  • Brush up some old skills e.g. cooking, editing, photography etc

There are so many things that you can do besides scrolling aimlessly on the socials. Doing this will help to keep your mind off that rona. I was scrolling my life away the other night and some how found myself researching conspiracy theories about Oprah Winfrey.

3. Use your time wisely.

While you self isolate I would suggest adding some structure to you days. Especially if you’re working from home. It’s important to establish a routine to structure out your day. Break your day up into digestible blocks and be sure to take regular breaks between them. Don’t just lay in bed with the laptop in your pajama’s. Make yourself some breakfast, sit at the kitchen table and get your day going.

If you add some structure to your day things will flow better and you can switch up your routine at anytime. Don’t forget balance is key! Find your rhythm and go with the flow.

4. Unplug

We are getting a rapid influx of information and fake news like never before. It’s too much. In times like this we need to be mentally strong so please feel free to switch off. Put your phone on do not disturb, turn off notifications for certain apps or put a daily time limit on daily usage. Do whatever you need to do to tap out and rejuvenate. Please don’t let yourself get lost in the uproar.

5. Don’t over indulge

Now is not the time to eat and drink as you please. Do everything in moderation. Exercise some discipline. Be mindful of what you’e putting in your body. Strive for a balanced diet, drink your water and eat foods that keep nourish your body and keep your energy levels pumped.

It’s a crazy time across the world for all of us. But I believe that we can and we will get through this. Hang in there, keep your spirits up and your hygiene levels high.

self isolate

self isolate

Stay blessed

Lots of love



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