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I recently I found out about the WUKA Period Pants and I have to admit that I was low key impressed. These pants are basically knickers that can be worn during a woman’s menstrual cycle. I had heard a few whispers on social media a while back. Honestly I thought it was too good to be true and didn’t care enough to dig deeper.

Reason being is when it comes to sanitary products I’m quite old school. My line of thinking used to be if something isn’t broken then there is no need to fix it. I remember when menstrual cups first came on the scene. I was like awww hell to the naw naw naw.

But after doing some research I do understand the NEED and importance of creating eco-friendly menstrual products. So a few months back I switched over to organic cotton ONLY! This was a big change for me but to be honest with you I can’t really tell the difference. However, the switch up does make me feel like I’m doing something good for the environment.

The game is about to change

It’s seems like the big supermarket chain that is Sainsbury’s want to also do their part also. From today March 15th 2020, more than 200 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK will have WUKA period pants on their shelves. This is part of the supermarkets major attempt to reduce single-use plastic. As well as bring innovation to the world of menstrual products. WUKA’s mission is to give women and girls in the UK an alternative, more sustainable option to disposable tampons and pads when it comes to managing their cycle. Together WUKA & Sainsbury are teaming up in a bid to take the game by storm.

It is said that in a lifetime a woman using traditional menstrual products will throw away at least over 10,000 single-use plastic based items. Most of this will end up in a landfill compared to 129 echo friendly WUKA products. In the grand scheme of things those figures are crazy. As a consumer you never really think about the impact of the things that you use any buy on a regular basis.

Here’s what the WUKA Period pants have to offer

  • The ultimate tampon and pad replacement.
  • Your can wear WUKA periods pants up to 8 hours on light days, 4-6 hours on your heavy days or all night. 
  • Holds at least 20ml of period flow or light leaks – around 4 tampons worth.
  • Available in heavy to light underwear
  • Better cost value in the long term compared to organic pads or traditional tampons
  • Reuse-able via washing & flood free.
  • Vegan and eco friendly.
  • Free shipping within the UK & when you spend over £75 internationally.

Ruby Raut

I had a eureka moment… Why not create pants that also absorbs flow whilst being super comfortable?”

About Wuka

If you didn’t know WUKA is a female led start-up making the UK’s first ever reusable and leak-free period wear. It was founded by Ruby Raut a scientist and passionate environmentalist. The name stands for Wake up Kick Ass, Ruby chose this because she wants all women to feel confident and protected during their period. Ruby has said that she is on a mission to combat taboo’s and create sustainable period products. I absolutely love the name and what the brands stands for.

Ruby felt compelled to create WUKA period pants following her own negative experiences growing up back in Nepal. The cultural shame attached the menstrual cycle back in Nepal often found women being regularly exiled from the family home during their cycle. At age 12 when Ruby saw her period she was sent away to her aunts house and not allowed to go outside, look at men or touch plants. It was these experiences that led her to create a business that challenges negative attitudes towards women menstruation.

I’m actually really excited to see how well this product does on the market. I think the WUKA brand is very forward thinking, fresh and innovative. I love brands that think out of the box when creating products for their consumers.

The Wuka period pants have launched today at the retail price of £20 per pair and are exclusively available online at Sainsbury’s in store and online.

wuka period pant

Please note this is a collaborative press post with WUKA, all views are my own


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