Half of the worlds travel plans are up currently up in smoke. I think now is the perfect time to consider staying on home soil. Well just until things calm down its better to have a back up plan just in case. Here are just a few reasons why a staycation is an excellent idea. 


One of the main reasons people choose a staycation over vacation is the costs. There’s no airport parking or flight costs for a start which can save you significantly. You’ll still need money for things to do and travel to get around, but this can be a lot less especially in the country you live in as chances are you already know some tips and tricks for keeping costs down. Such as two for one restaurant voucher codes and reasonably priced hotels.

Another cost you get to avoid is kennel fees if you have a dog, these can be really quite expensive. You can actually bring your dog with you to join in the fun. There are lots of restaurants and hotels that are very dog friendly, if you’re camping, boating or going on a walking holiday in the country for example then your dog will love it as much as you!


There’s plenty to do

There’s so much to do here in the UK that there’s no chance you could have seen and done it all, meaning if you want excitement and new experiences you really don’t have to hop on a plane. You can see stunning scenic beauty at the Lake District or the lochs in Scotland. You have fabulous shopping and dining opportunities in any city from Manchester to Leeds to Birmingham.

If you live in London, you don’t even need to leave the city to find countless things to do, chances are you went on school trips to London natural history museum and London zoo when you were younger- why not revisit them now? You could go and see the tourist traps all over again if you’ve not done this in a long time. Go on a boat on the Thames, ride bikes in Hyde Park. Book yourself a hotel or Airbnb so your time feels like a proper holiday. London is a beautiful place with so much to offer, you just have to be willing to explore.


Health scares

There’s no denying that the recent Coronavirus outbreak has sent people into a full panic mode. Despite the fact that it’s a mild illness in healthy people the fear of the unknown where it’s such a new illness is worrying. If you have vulnerable people that you’re close to such as young babies and older adults, you might be put off the idea of hopping on a plane this year while there’s so much uncertainty.

For this reason, a staycation in the UK will appeal to you more. Since we only have a small number of cases here in the UK right now, it’s deemed to be still safe to move around within the country. So if I were you I’de make the most of the beautiful place that you live in. I do find it shocking that most people were not washing their hands or keeping up with basic hygiene prior to the outbreak. It’s absolutely shocking. But if I were you just be extra cautious but stop seeking new adventures even if you have to find them in your city.


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