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Allow me to introduce you to the Japanuary calendar. An alternative to dry January it’s the latest craze to help you kick start the new year in a healthy way for your mind, body and spirit JAPANESE STYLE!. If you want to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2020 then this is for you.

The Japanuary calendar is heavily influence by the Japanese culture. A culture that is rich, vibrant and full of life. It’s no surprise their life expectancy is the second highest in the world. This speaks volumes and is one of the reasons why Japan is high on my travel bucket list. Avid travellers around the world have crowned Japan a top wishlist destination. With that being said Japan is definitely the place to be especially ahead of the upcoming 2020 games.


What is the Japanuary calendar all about?

Now let’s get into this calendar of activities. It has been created for people to follow during January that covers the very best of the Japanese way of life. It includes food, health and leisure suggestions for each day of the month, encouraging a healthy and productive start to the new year. The calendar is great because it allocates a Japanese activity that celebrates a different aspect of Japanese life. Everyday you can expect something different, which is the bit that I love the most. It’s a great way to open yourself by learning something new about a fantastic country and its culture. While working through the calendar recently I had an epiphany. I strongly believe that we all can and should incorporate the calendar into our daily lives.

We don’t have to complete a task everyday. However, we all should aim to do something once a week. The calendar incorporates wellness Japenese style by encouraging you to complete tasks that aide the mind body and spirit. Even though we’re in the middle of January you still can get in on the fun. It’s worth mentioning that the Japanuary calendar has been given the seal of approval from the Japan National Tourist Organisation. This means it’s the real deal and even more of a reason why you should get involved.

Where you can get your hands on it!

Theobald Fox is behind the Japanuary calendar and campaign in conjunction with the Japan National Tourist Organisation. Theobald Fox represents a number of exceptional Japanese clients, all of which contribute to the unique and truly special ambiance of the island nation. Now that you know all of this good stuff it’s time for you to get involved.

I attached the calendar for you below. Have a look, give it go and slowly allow it to become part of your lifestyle. We are not only in a new year but a new decade. Let’s take things up a notch.


Check it out below


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Stay blessed

Lots of love



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