In 2020 please can we stop telling people more than they need to know. Move in silence because the less people know the better. Especially when it comes to your personal and professional goals. I cringe every time I see people online screaming about their future plans. It’s crazy I feel like when you put things out there before it happens it can be so risky. I just don’t think that the socials is the right place. Now I know this may sound crazy coming from me, a blogger who uses her personal life for content. But hear me out because there is a strategic method to my madness.

move in silence the less people know the better

I may use my personal life for content but I’m certain you know nothing about my upcoming 2020 endeavors. Now this doesn’t mean I’m being fake or moving boujee. I’m fully aware of the dangers that come with talking prematurely and oversharing. It’s not a good look openly discussing your plans before they’ve even manifested.

Take a moment right now and think about the opportunities that you had in the past.

Some of those opportunities fell to the ground the moment you told someone about it. Don’t even try and deny it because everyone walking on God’s green earth has experienced this. Now you may argue and say that you didn’t get those opportunities because it wasn’t yours. This is could be true but then again so are blocked blessings. As much as there are forces of good in this world there is also evil. Every day that we wake up those forces will do everything to work against you.

Telling people more than they need to know online and in real life can do more harm than good. I say this for many reasons. Not everyone that you interact with online or in real life are genuinely rooting for you. We might be able to see a person’s face but unfortunately we can’t see their heart. For this reason you have to move a little different when it comes to the affairs of your future.

You just have to be super cautious

In this new decade practice keeping things close to your chest until the time is right. E.g when the deal is closed, contract is signed and the necessary things have been approved. In simpler terms, move in silence because the less people know the better and I mean this in the nicest possible way. There are a lot of people out there who are bad vibes. Most people are not able to see it in others but I’m here to remind you that’s it’s definitely there.

move in silence the less people know the better

Believe it or not but some people can become intimidated by other’s dreams & goals. Last year I foolishly told someone I considered a friend about my desires to live and work abroad. The way I was dismissed and aggressively shut down by that person actually shocked me. I realized then that my personal goals and dreams have no business being discussed with certain individuals. Not everyone is going to understand your goals or see your vision. So be very mindful of what you’re sharing and with who. Your goals might be intimidating to someone for whatever reason and as a result they secretly don’t want you to win.

Some people are not as vocal and direct as that so called friend and that’s even more worrying. You just never know what someone is thinking or feeling about you and your goals. This is more of a reason to keep them close to you heart until they have fully manifested. The time your online screaming about next steps in lets say a big job interview process there is someone on your timeline that doesn’t want you to get that job. Now you might not do this online but you do it on real life so cut it out.

move in silence the less people know the better

Oversharing is the new normal

I love social media trust me I do. It’s a powerful tool that if used strategically can change lives for the better. However, what I dislike is the way people over share especially things like their goals. It’s risky business because you don’t know who out there wants you to fail. Not everyone is good vibes out there and want to see others win. I know it’s sucks but such is life. With that being said, move in silence the less people know the better. This way you can really focus on what you’re trying to manifest without the noise, bad energy, nay sayers and distractions.

move in silence the less people know the better

I feel like most people that overshare only do it because everyone else is. We now live in a society where people feel like if they cant see or hear about something then nothing is being done. Let me drop some wisdom on you real quick, never ever let your right hand know what your left hand it doing. In this new decade start to position yourself so that you’ll always be 7 steps ahead of the opposing team. 

Stope telling strangers about your plans

You just don’t know who is wishing bad on you. The internet is a very big and scary place. Please think twice before you discuss future endeavors publicly. I can guarantee that there is someone out there who will be screwing up their face as they read about your ambitious 2020 goals. Premature announcements sink many ships baby! Learn how to keep your MOUTH closed or you’ll be sorry. Again, I repeat move in silence. I know it’s hard to keep good news to yourself but you must master the art of moving low key until things are finalized and set in stone.

Why does everyone on the internet need to know that you’re in the process of buying a house when you’ve yet to close on an offer? Does that even make sense? no it doesn’t. People even try to justify their madness with saying stuff like “if God be for me then who can be against me”?. A whole lot of people if you don’t learn to keep your mouth closed. Even God highlights the importance of holding your tongue in his word. “There is a time for everything under the sun….. “A time to keep silent, and a time to speak . Start to live by this and I guarantee you’re going to start seeing a turnaround in your life.

Everyone doesn’t need to know

The same rules apply for your friends, acquaintances and family members. The closest people in your circle can be just as strange as those people online wishing for your downfall. Some appear to be rooting for you but secretly behind the scenes they can’t wait to say “I told you”. In this new decade you’re going to have to shut that down. I’m not saying there are no genuine people online because they are. I love my online family. Through Jenna’s World View I’ve been fortunate enough to connect as well as meet some beautiful souls. The issue is just not everyone is good peoples.

Even after you’ve achieved something you still have to keep it on the low and only share with the necessary people. Keeping your plans away from those you love is difficult because you naturally want to tell them. In this case Id’e advise you to be cautious because at the end of the day your family and friends are human beings too. Envy, jealousy, unhappiness and insecurities can make even the people who are supposed to love you work against you. Unfortunately I don’t have an explanation as to why that it is.

Protect yourself at all costs

I was very hesitant about putting out this post. We are not even properly settled into 2020 yet and here I come with this slap on your wrist type of content. I’m really sorry but I’ve felt so strongly about this so I had to put it out there. I genuinely want you and myself to win. But in order to do so some things have to change. We can be our own worst enemies at the best of times and I know many people don’t like to hear that but it’s true.

If you want  to see real change in your life you’re going to have to switch up your strategy. When no one knows what you’re working towards they cant sabotage it. It’s impossible to be thrown off your game when the other players can’t see your cards. Have you ever heard the saying too many chefs spoil the pot? Well the same analogy can be attached to you and your personal goals.

move in silence the less people know the better

Only yourself & God need to know the details of your next move. If those goals don’t involve other people you have no right to be bumping your gums online and in these streets. It’s time to start playing your cards close to you chest. In the past I’ve sadly had to learn this the hard way and I don’t want you to have to do the same. Take this advice from me while you can, move in silence the less people know about your goals…the better.

Final words

move in silence the less people know the better

Thank you God for this new decade. We are all so very blessed to be here. It is my prayer for you to cover me, my readers our goals and all of or future endeavors. Every God given opportunities that are coming our way may they not be snatched away or blocked. Instead order our steps diligently so that we’ll be able to hit the ground running and achieve them. Help us all understand the power of our words as well as our silence. Above all Lord I thank you for what you’re going to achieve through me and the life of my readers this year. In Jesus name I pray amen.

Stay Blessed

Lots of Love



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