Last month! ya girl turned 28!

[I celebrated at Aime Escape rooms & Novikov. My birthday invites were sent out through Paperless Post. This is my second year using them for my personalized invites and I’ll certainly be back because the service is smooth and seamless. If you have an upcoming event I’de highly recommend using them.]


It’s crazy that I feel as though I published my last birthday blog post yesterday. To see another birthday I’m without a doubt fortunate and extremely blessed. I always knew that I would turn 28, it just wasn’t something I ever really focused on. I never fantasied about this age as I did 18, 21, 25 or turning 30. 28 is an age that not many people pay much attention to. It doesn’t seem like the age to get excited about but I kid you not it’s still of much importance.

Ok so here’s the real tea about turning 28!

At the age of 28 I can confidently say that I love my life for what it is. I’m fully aware that I’m yet to become the woman God has desired for me to be. I’m currently in the process of becoming her and I no longer lose sleep awaiting her arrival. The best of me and the best bits of my life are yet to come. Knowing this gives me great comfort and hope for what lies ahead in my future.


My life is what It is, until it becomes what it was created to be. 

Now that I’m 28 I feel like I no longer have the luxury to move mad with my life. Gone are the days where I would knowingly make a bad decision without a care in the world. At this age one bad decision will have a long lasting ripple effect on my entire life. My bounce back rate is not what it used to be. Spending recklessly, getting one up on others, being petty and spending longer than I need to in toxic relationships and friendships is no longer my portion. I’m over it.

If it doesn’t make sense for my life or bring me peace then I don’t want no parts of it. From here on now I pledge to do everything with intention. It’s my word for 2020 and everything I do in this new year of life starts with this word.

With a new chapter comes new pages

I don’t know what chapter 28 will bring to my doorstep. However, what I do know is I serve a God that can do the unexpected. All I need to do is stay on course, pray without ceasing and do what needs to be done without any excuses. Self accountability, doing the work and staying committed are just some of the things I plan to indulge in this year. Right now I’m closer to 30 than I’ve ever been. Things have to be done a little different now.

It’s hilarious because thought of entering my late 20’s a few years back terrified me. But as I’m here now and all I can do is sit back and just enjoy the ride. The fact that I turned 28 and entered into a new decade 3 days later is very significant for me. Maybe it’s me but I feel like that alone is a good sign. This new decade is the beginning of the rest of my life and I’m excited to see how everything unfolds.

So cheers to chapter 28!

I’m ready like never before and I trust that God is going to make this one special.

My birthday prayer

God my life is in your hands.Continue to order my steps, lead and guide me. Cover me from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. Go ahead of me Lord and please always keep me safe. Dismantle the weapons that may be formed against me this year. Strengthen my discernment, give me divine revelation and insight for the things concerning my life. Open doors for me that lead to life changing opportunities. Put me in the right place at the right time. Send the right people my way and remove the counterfeits. If something or someone is not for me I trust that it wont be around for long. Keep me in good health mentally and physically. Protect my family. Allow me to always 28 steps ahead of my enemies. But most importantly Lord may this be my best year yet.

In Jesus name I publicly declare AMEN!

Happy New Year

I look forward to sharing my new 2020 content with you. I’m about to shake things up like never before and I hope you’re ready.

Stay blessed

Lots of love