This year I travelled to six countries and five out of the six were new destinations. I’m so proud of myself. I set out at the start of 2019 with the intention of making travel a top priority. It’s safe to say my mission has been accomplished. I’ve shared most of my travel highlights on the gram (follow me here) throughout the year. But I still have lots more content to share and I will in the new year. So without further-ado let’s have a likkle review of my 2019 travel highlights.

Borovets, Bulgaria

My first ski trip took me to the Borovets Ski zone in Bulgaria. It was a trip to remember. Being that I hit those ski slopes for the first time I now have many tales to share with you. My trip to Bulgaria actually surprised me because it turned out to be better than I expected. Luckily, I didn’t break any bones and your girl now knows how to ski. Look out for the JWV Ski season content in January 2020.

Prague, Czech Republic

Thanks to Travel Eat Slay, myself and 15 black travel bloggers took a day trip to Prague. Sadly, it rained throughout the entire day. However, we still made the most out of it. As a result my feet were on fire when I finally got back to London. I needed 48 hours just to recover. If you plan to visit Prague in 2020 check out my blog post. It’s filled with things you can do to keep yourself busy in the city.|12 hours in Prague with JWV

Gothenburg, Sweden

For my first solo trip I travelled to Gothenburg. Who knew that I would end up in Sweden let alone the city of Gothenburg?. I certainly couldn’t have predicted that one even if I tried. Travelling solo is something that you can’t really explain no matter how hard you try. You just have to experience it for yourself to fully understand what it’s all about.

Personally, I loved Gothenburg solely because it’s not a place people think of when Sweden comes to mind. It was the ideal place for me to test out the solo travel waters. I wrote up the first half of my trip. Be sure to have a read because Gothenburg needs to be on your 2020 bucket list| Me, myself & Gothenburg – Part 1

Oslo, Norway

On a random Tuesday afternoon I messaged my good sis Ade from and asked her if she wanted to go on a day trip to Oslo. Those Ryanair deals were too good to enjoy on my own. Ade is always down to catch a flight so it didn’t take much to convince her to jump on board.

Before we knew it Liz from Lei.Noire joined us and we blessed Oslo with all of our Black girl magic. The content from that trip will see the light of day in 2020. Be sure to stay connected to because it includes some of my best content to date. For now enjoy some sneak peak pics below.

Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand

This trip was EVERYTHING!!!! If you were following me on Instagram at the time you know it was something special. I made two stops while in Thailand. Bangkok, the city that never sleeps welcomed me with open arms and set the tone of my trip.

You can watch my Bangkok vlog on my Youtube channel now (open in a new tab). Don’t forget to check out the blog too Three days in Bangkok for a breakdown of all the places I visited. I still have lots of content to share from the Phuket leg of trip. If you thought Bangkok was something, baby you haven’t seen anything yet.

Paris, France

Paris has been on my bucket list for years. So you can imagine my excitement last weekend when I finally made my way to the city. The Ari Lennox concert was the main reason behind my visit. Two nights was definitely not enough and I hope to visit France again soon.

Most of my Paris content can be found on my Instagram feed. Come and connect with me there so you can catch up with all that good Paris content. My trip to Paris is one of my best travel highlights of 2019.

I shall continue to pray and manifest more amazing travel experiences in 2020 and beyond. If you want to travel more in 2020 be sure to have a read of ‘How to make 2020 your year of travel’.

Stay Blessed

Lots of love