When people pass sly remarks to me about travelling frequently it’s kind of makes me cringe. I don’t find it funny but rather cheeky. First of all, I run a thriving travel and lifestyle blog. Travelling is one of the main ways I create content. It’s my MUSE. I need to be on the go PERIOD! Also, I don’t travel as much as the average travel blogger does. Travelling is important to me so I make TIME FOR IT. I prioritize my travels. It’s really that simple! Whatever is of importance to a person they’ll make time for it by any means necessary.

We all have the same 24hrs in the day. How we use those 24 hours determines the outcome of our lives. So, when people say stupid things to me about my travels, I kindly have to remind them of that. Everyone is on a different journey in this life and that’s ok. I like travelling, it’s my thing. If you want to make 2020 your year of travel, you’re going to have to prioritize it. I don’t know what your lifestyle is like but I’m pretty sure you could definitely make more time for your travels if you switched things up.

4 tips to help you make 2020 your year of travel

Money, money, money!

Money is the number one reason why most people don’t travel as much as they’d like to. If this is, you take a look at your finances and work out how much you can save more. Every little bit helps and if you start putting something away from now those savings can go towards your travels next year. There are plenty of ways to start saving you can start a money challenge with loved ones or even set yourself targets through online banking apps like Monzo. You have to be proactive and save what you can. I’m not rich but I make my likkle coins work for me and my lifestyle.

Plan ahead

Pull up the 2020 calendar and have a look and think about when the best time for you to travel will be. Then get on google flights or Sky scanner and see what prices are saying. As you know I like to review the calendar in advance and plan around certain times of the year. For e.g. the long bank holiday weekends are great because you don’t use up much of your annual leave from. I always plan my big trips one year in advance. Next year I already have two trips booked in and by God’s grace I plan to add a few more. 

Keep your eyes on those deals

Airlines like British Airways and Virgin have already started releasing offers flights and package holidays. Most airlines start to their sale promo before the year is out. Then when January comes you’ll see prices slashed right down. You don’t want to miss out on any of this good stuff!! I’de suggest signing yourself up to their mailing list & following them on the socials to stay in the loop. 

Do it alone!

The days of me waiting on someone to take a trip with me is officially over. I’m all for doing it alone these days. Sometimes when including friends or family into the mix will most likely result in the trip not happening or being delayed. People can be so unreliable these days. You’re definitely better off going alone. Solo travelling is a great life changing experience. So far this year I’ve taken two trips alone and I can’t wait to go on more. If you need some encouragement check my posts on solo travel for both women and men Come on Sis book that solo trip| Come on bro book that solo trip.

Don’t wait for the new year to come to start making 2020 travel plans. Do it now! Take some time out to think about your goals and what you would like to achieve. But whatever you do just make sure travel is included in those plans. Remember it’s ok to start small with weekends away to another city or a day trip to Europe.

Book those flights boo

Stay blessed

Lots of love