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[Please note this is a gifted collaborative post with Desiri beauty, all views are my own.]

2019 has been the year of real transformation for me. Everything from my website to my foundation brand has been revamped. Most importantly though I’ve fallen back in love with makeup. I don’t know how it happened but over the last few months I’ve tapped back into the beauty market and I’m in love.

My blogger bestie Char over at Memoirs & Musings is somewhat responsible for this. Seeing her attend makeup events and reading her beauty related content throughout the year inspired me to tap back in. Now I’ve never really been a makeup junkie like that. I just know the basics and I freestyle my way around makeup application. Even though Youtube is free (I promise to get better in 2020). I only learned how to stick on strip lashes earlier this year and trust me it’s still a struggle from time to time.

However despite all of that I’m really enjoying learning techniques and discovering new makeup brands. So I was super excited when Desiri Beauty gifted me with a new 35 color eyeshadow palette. We even collaborated on a giveaway to celebrate the launch of my Bangkok Travel vlog (watch it here later).

Everything you need to know about the brand

Desiri Beauty officially launched on Monday 16th December. It’s a London based beauty brand which is cruelty-free and all inclusive. Women of every shade and colour can enjoy this high quality product. It was founded by the multi talented entrepreneur ‎Nene Bryan-Aloka‎ who also owns the high fashion brand Desiri Couture which has been featured in Vogue and Vanity fair. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing one of those fabulous gowns. Because of this I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this palette.

Everything you need to know about the eyeshadow palette

The 35 eye shadow palette is good for creating everyday makeup looks. It has the nudes, bright colors and glitters. You wont be able to achieve full glam insta baddie looks but you can definitely work with it. It’s ideal for beginners who are still on level one like myself where makeup is concerned. I plan to use the palette more to help me perfect my technique.

As I’m new to the game and still learning the roped, I don’t like to apply too much eyeshadow just incase things go horribly wrong. I played around with the palette a little before applying it as I wanted to see how some of the colors looked on my skin. As a black woman I’m very self conscious of makeup bands that are black women friendly.

I went ahead and used the palette to create a pinkish shimmer look. It came out great and it didn’t take me long to apply. The eyeshadow stayed on all evening until I removed it. The product is long lasting which is a plus. The colors popped too as their very pigmented. I didn’t even have to apply much and I was extremely impressed by that.

If I wasn’t gifted with this product I would definitely invest in it. Solely because 35 eyeshadow colors gives you lots to work with. I look forward to seeing what other products Desiri beauty add to their collection. I’m excited to see the brand grow and I look forward to wearing my palette over the festive period. I give this product a 8 out of 10 JWV star rating!


Where you can find all things Desiri beauty

If you’re a makeup lover it is in your best interest to add this Desiri beauty eyeshadow palette to your collection. It’s always a good idea to get behind an upcoming makeup brand. Getting to see a brand band grow up close and personal is exciting as you never know how it might take off. The brand launched on Monday and many of their ambassadors are having multiple giveaways to celebrate this. For your chance to win connect with them on their Instagram page at Desiri beauty I’m all for black women securing the bag so shout out to Nene for launching her new cosmetics line.

Stay blessed

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