An open-minded traveler is someone who isn’t afraid to explore and connect with others during their travels. This kind of traveler is brave and throws themselves into each travel experience without hesitation or fear. Being an open-minded traveler doesn’t mean that you willing put yourself into danger either. It’s more about you being open and allowing yourself to experience new things in every capacity.

This type of person doesn’t isolate themselves to the grounds of their hotel eating foods they can eat at home. There is nothing wrong with that but you cant do that every time you travel. You must switch it up and be willing to explore! It makes no sense paying so much money to visit a country and not experience it properly.

When I think back on my past travels I thank God that I allowed my mind, heart and spirit to be free. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people and create some fantastic memories. All of which would not have been possible if I remained closed off. Being open-minded on your travels allows you to encounter things you most likely wouldn’t back home. It opens you up to a world of opportunity and newness.

Being an open-minded traveler is a blessing

I’ve benefitted from my open-mindedness in many ways over the years. Everything from my character to my view of the world has been impacted. Whenever I jet off I always have something to take back home with me. Whether it be a better perspective, new found knowledge, experience or a sentimental souvenir. I’ve never come home from my travels empty handed and I never will.

That’s the beauty of being an open-minded traveler you always have something to take away from a trip. You value everything you encounter whether it be big or small. Open-minded travelers always seem to find meaning and the beauty in the small details. A simple conversation with a local is just as valuable as sky diving out of a helicopter.

Additionally when you’re open-minded you’re more likely to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Constantly seeking new and exciting experiences at every given moment. Looking back if I wasn’t open minded I would have missed out on doing some amazing things. Zip lining in Costa Rica, bathing retired elephants in Thailand, raving in a cave in Santorini and the list goes on. None of that would have been possible. Open-mindedness requires one to abandon familiarity and go after the unknown. It also requires a certain level of freedom and zero fucks to give.

The people you meet along the way

My recent trip to Thailand is the reason why I’ll always stan being an open-minded jet-setter. If you didn’t know I traveled to Thailand with 271 people organized through It was inevitable that I would meet new people on that trip. However the possibility of meeting and establishing a genuine connection with those new people was not.

Meeting someone and connecting with them are two different things. In Thailand I was blessed to be able to do both. Connecting with new people is always exciting for me as It goes beyond just saying hello as you pass each other in the hotel lobby. I bonded with some amazing souls out there in a short space of time. It was totally unplanned and unexpected but I’m so glad that it happened.

I can’t even imagine my trip without those key individuals that’s how much of an impact they had made on me. We spent hours getting to know each other, engaging in deep heartfelt conversation and enjoying endless moments of laughter. Our connection formed so organically and we all fit together like a glove. I miss seeing them all everyday and I look forward to linking up with the camp later this month in London.

the beauty of being an open-minded traveler
The Camp – 2019

Let me be clear this isn’t the first time this has happened to me though. I’ve met and connected with many people on my travels that I still speak to today. It’s the bit that I look forward to the most whenever I travel. So far I’ve crossed paths with people from all walks of life. It’s a very humbling experience that has made me appreciate individuality and culture so much more. When you step out of your environment, open up and explore you’ll see yourself and your life in a completely new light. While in Phuket I visited the Koh Paynee community and from what I encountered there my life will be forever changed.

7 tips to help you become an open-minded traveler

Now I don’t want you to go on your next trip and act out of character. I’m just encouraging you to do things a little different and see how you go. Below are 7 few tips that will you help become more of an open-minded traveler.

  2. Listening is fundamental, don’t just listen to respond but listen to understand.
  3. Nothing valuable can be found where your comfort zone resides.
  4. Don’t be afraid to speak to people because being friendly will always bless you.
  5. Remember to walk with a smile because some of my most precious conversations started with a smile.
  7. Explore, engage and enjoy!

Here is one last gem for your head top. You see the next time you travel PUSH yourself out of your comfort zone. I’m not telling you to walk with your head in the clouds ignoring obvious red flags of danger. I’m just challenging you to do things a little differently because you just never know who or what might come your way.

Stay Blessed

Lots of love



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