Hi Boo,

My first vlog will be going live on my Youtube channel this Sunday December 8th at 7:30pm. You really don’t want to miss part 1 of my Thailand Vlog. I spent three days out in Bangkok and it’s safe to say that I had a ball.

Your girl is not a professional BUT I did my thing with this Vlog. I free-styled my way through the editing and I’m not ashamed. I’m super proud. I honestly gave it my best shot so I do hope that you enjoy it.

My Thailand trip was intense. So it made perfect sense for me to break my trip up into two parts. My first vlog will focus solely on the Bangkok leg of my trip. The Phuket side of my trip is just as crazy but we’ll get to that bridge soon enough to cross it. Here’s what you can do for me in the meantime. Connect with me on Instagram (@jennasworldview) because I plan to share more BTS content there in the meantime.

My time in Bangkok was one for the books and I tried my best to capture that in the vlog. It was a fun filled three days which resulted in me not getting enough sleep. I also have a blog post coming too and that will detail some things that didn’t make the final vlog.

The three days in Bangkok VLOG countdown starts now

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my first vlog

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