Please note this is a collaborative post with Fat Joe Publishing

The countdown to Christmas is now on, which means that before we know it 2020 will be here. I’m turning 28 next month and I’m so discombobulated. Where has 2019 gone???. Now you might go big on resolutions every year and perhaps you are already planning them. You might prefer to keep the new year a little more low-key and ease into January slowly. Whatever your attitude to the new year, I have come up with a few suggestions of things to ensure that 2020 is a good year for you, with 3 things to do more of in 2020.


I would always suggest that you travel more. Travel is good for the soul, it expands the mind and it broadens our horizons. Have you been satisfied with your travels this year? Can you do even better next year? 

If you do one thing as you move into the new year, it should be making some travel plans. You might look into cruise holidays, you might book a short break to Europe or perhaps you will finally tick off that dream destination from your list. You might book a last minute city break for January now that you are thinking about seeing the world, and what better way to banish those January blues?. Dont hesitate boo book those 2020 flights.

Practice self-love

I have shared before about the importance of self-love. It absolutely cannot be underestimated and yet many of us still fail to prioritise ourselves. Self-love and self-care nourish our bodies and minds and they give us the confidence and energy to keep on going and enjoying every day. So in 2019 be sure that you’re hand deep in that self love bag.

Next year, make the time to treat yourself regularly. You do not need to book in full spa days every month, it can just be little things to make you smile. You might take duvet days, have lazy weekends taking strolls in the park and reading books, or maybe you will go for a movie marathon once a week. Make sure you take the time out to pour into you.

Along with giving yourself the chance to recharge, seek to banish the negative self-talk and remind yourself how worthy you are of love. When you love yourself, you will set reasonable boundaries and you will feel more confident in yourself. Plus when you nourish yourself with love you open the door for many things to come your way.

Catch up with friends and family

You are never going to look back at the end of 2020 and say, ‘I wish I hadn’t spent that much time with my loved ones’, are you? You know that if you can pack next year with fun and catch ups with friends and family, you will have some wonderful memories to look back on.

More importantly than those memories will be living in the moments themselves. Spending time with the people that make us happiest in the world, that know us best in the world and that make us smile most in the world will be the very best way to spend our time. 

Life gets busy, we know that, and before you know it, it has been a few weeks, even months until you have seen your loved ones. Start 2020 as you mean to go on and get something in the diary for January. Then keep on booking in those get-togethers that you can all look forward to throughout the year.

Stay blessed

Lots of love