solo date night ideas - the london edition

Since the beginning of 2019 I’ve started taking myself out on solo date nights. Once a month after payday I do whatever tickles my fancy. It has become a key part of my personal self love & self care commitment routine.

I’ve always loved my own company however as of lately I’ve simply come to enjoy it a bit more. As I find my feet on this journey of adulthood which is scam btw (more context here) alone time for me has become a lot more enjoyable.

I’m constantly learning something new about myself and discovering additional layers to my personality. It’s too lit and I’m loving every single bit of it. The more time I spend with myself the more self aware I become and I love it. It’s extremely important to know ones self on a deeper level.

You’de be surprised at the amount of people running through the streets of life clueless about who they, what they like and confused about what they stand for. Don’t let that be you boo. Get in the habit of getting to know yourself. This is a longterm investment that you’ll definitely see a return on. Solo date nights are a great way for you to spend quality time with you.

Spending time alone with yourself is far from awkward

This myth that spending time with yourself is awkward needs to be dismissed. Some of my best life memories include me, myself and I. There is nothing wrong with being immersed in your own company. Alone time should be a part of everyones personal self-care routine. If you’re one of those people who believe this can I challenge you to change this mindset. Push yourself and try to figure out why being alone might feel uncomfortable.

Solo date night ideas

London is such a big place. It’s a vibrant city that I’m yet to fully explore and experience in its entirety. Solo date nights are a great way for you to explore the city. Even if you don’t live in London like me I’m 100% certain that you can find some amazing things to do in your local area.

If you’re confused about where to look for things to do for your solo date nights than look no further. Here are a list of websites that will help you find something exciting to do. Be sure to check them out as soon as.

  • Timeout – A hub for exciting things to do in London. Be careful though you’ll end up booking everything if you don’t set yourself a budget.
  • Eventbrite – Another great platform that has helped me find fun things to do in my city. It has everything listed from free workshops, meet ups and many more.
  • Tripadvisor – Helps you find dope things to do anywhere in the world. You can book things things like walking tours and cooking classes here all for a decent price.

7 Solo date night in London Ideas

1. Go to the movies

Going to the movies by yourself is actually very lit. I’m not sure why many people cringe at the idea. Imagine having 2 and half hours to yourself, plus snacks with no distractions. Sounds like heaven to me. I’m all for a solo movie trip because in the past I’ve missed out on some great films waiting on my friends to go with me. Blue Story is out and it’s absolutely amazing you should definitely go and see it. Book tickets here today!

2. Attend a cooking class

Everyone loves food so why not do something different and sign yourself up to a cooking class? Whether you know your way around the kitchen or not you’re never to qualified to learn how to cook a new dish. Plus you’ll likely meet someone new which is always a blessing for your social life.

3. SPA day

In the name of self care I’m always down for a spa day. In fact any excuse to pamper myself I’m all for it. Imagine Spa in Kensington is currently doing 50% off treatments with a glass of bubbly. You definitely cant go wrong with that! Book now now now!

4. Visit the Southbank centre’s Winter Market

Last year on my way home from the reggae brunch I stumbled across a winter market at the Southbank centre. The market was filled with trades from around the world spreading the festive spirit. It included multicultural street food stalls, warm mulled wine, fresh baked churros and Christmas pop up shops. The Winter market has come back again this year and It’s free and on from November 8th – Jan 5th 2020

5. Enjoy the view from the Shard

Why not take yourself out to dinner and then end your evening with panoramic views of London from ‘The Shard’. It’s the perfect way to end your night. I know it might seem super romantic but single people can enjoy these things to! Book today!

6. Join a walking tour

As well as being a vibrant city London has lots of history attached to it and local walking tours are a great way to learn about it. Also there are walking tours for practically everything these days. In London you can join a walking tour based on Sherlock Holmes, Street Art, Fish & chips and even good ole Harry Potter. When it comes to finding the right walking tour for you go with whatever floats your boat is a great place to start looking for your next solo adventure.

7. See a show at the theatre

There are lots of good productions on in London at the moment and trust me there is something for everyone. The Lion King, Hamilton, Mary Poppins, The bodyguard plus much more. Black Friday deals have already started and you don’t want to miss out. Visit the for more discounts, deals and additional info!

London is a very big place and believe me when I say there is so much to see and do especially on your own. Use one weekend out of the month to navigate your way through the city. We seem to think we need to have someone by our side to have fun but all we really need is ourselves.

solo date night ideas - the london edition
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