Opening words from Char – South London is the best place in the UK and Adulthood is constant self maintenance until you die

Who do I send a lengthy complaint to about this thing called Adulthood? because honestly this shit just ain’t it. I actually want to throw hands because I feel hoodwinked, robbed, bamboozled and scammed. I want some sort of compensation because surely there has to be more to it than this? If I knew that adulthood was going to be this hard I wouldn’t have wasted my childhood wishing to grow up. Only to get older and discover that adulthood is a scam that I don’t want no parts of.

Who the hell is responsible for this foolery?

I’m truly convinced that adulthood came about by accident. Who in their right mind would come up with something like this?. Having to pay your own way and have a long list of responsibilities attached to you is actually torture. I want out the game because I truly cannot deal.

Adulthood starts at 18 and I’m going to be 28 come December which means I’ve been living though this scam for near enough ten years. WOWZA!! It’s only right that I pulled together some data to further support my claim and expose adulthood for what it is a low down dirty scam.

Please see below my findings and memes

1 – Working and paying for everything YOURSELF

I think this is probably the worst one of them all. Being an adult requires you to go out to work and pay for everything yourself.

Whewww chile!

I certainly wasn’t ready for this one and it still chokes me that I have to pay my own way. The bank of mum & dad froze over a longtime ago for me and it’s still painful.

I just want to be a baby girl forever and I’m not ashamed. I want to be sugar baby without giving out any sugar because it’s what I deserve. My lifestyle is expensive and I cant believe that I have to fund it myself. Bra’s are pricy and so is food. Even the price of washing comfort is high like a kite. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MADNESS???

Paying your own way is a lot. Learning how to budget as well as manage your money by yourself is a challenge. The day I had to pay for my first ever prescription from the pharmacy is a day I’ll never forget. The pain I felt in my chest still haunts me. Paying your own way in this life should be illegal and that is all. IT’S TOTALLY NOT FAIR!

adulthood is a scam

2 – The Tiredness is real

I don’t know if it’s just me but adulthood is tiring. All I want to do is sleep all the time. My body cant run on empty like it used to when I was younger. I love my bed more and more these days. It pains to get out of it in the mornings. It has now reached a point where I pretty much prefer day parties instead of raving in the evening. Let’s start the party at 2pm so I can be in my bed before 12am please and thank you.

Canceled plans literally make me come and yes I actually wrote that you don’t have to read that twice. When I was younger I was under the impression that the best thing about being grown was getting to stay up late. Well adulthood so far has confirmed to me that was lie. Please don’t invite me out if I can’t be home before 12am cheers boo.

adulthood is a scam

3 – Responsibilities suck

I’m stressed out just thinking about this one but the truth it having adult responsibilities is nonsense. Like wow if I make one bad decision it could potentially ruin my entire life???. FFS that is all a bit much for me. Take me back to childhood when being upgraded from a pencil to a ball point pen was the only thing we had to worry about. I don’t want to be responsible and I’m just being honest. Knowing all of that kind of PRESSURE is on my shoulders freaks me out. HELP!!!!

Adulthood is a low down dirty scam!

4 – The body is just not the same

I’m now approaching my lates 20’s and I’m convinced that my body is changing as I age. It might be just me but I have found that it takes me longer to lose weight. I’m unable tot eat how I used to when I was a lot younger because my system actually cant hack it. Fried dumplins go straight to my gut and if I miss the gym for 2weeks its all over. Adulthood requires you to be a lot more intentional with the things that you feed your body, mind and soul. Regular exercise and having a balanced diet are two top adulthood hacks that are vital for survival. I missed the days when my mum was responsible for looking after all of those things. TAKE ME BACK!!!

adulthood is a scam


It sucks that I even have to admit this and I know my mum is going to be smirking when she reads this. But the truth is our parents are always right. Everything that our parent say will turn out to be right 95% of the time. The friends that they weren’t fond of will most likely turn out to be snakes. The partner that you were so head over heels for that they warned you about will turn out to be trash. As you get older you come to realise that your parents have so much wisdom. You’ll get to a point where you start to become more receptive to it and it’s a beautiful thing. However this doesn’t apply to toxic parents and their shenanigans. Learning how to work out truth from the foolery is another thing that adulthood will teach you.

6 -It’s Lonely in these adulthood streets

Unfortunately adulthood can sometimes be a cold and lonely place. You don’t get to be around the people you love all the time and it sucks. There will be seasons in adulthood where life requires you to be on your ones and trust me it not a bed of roses. The hussle requires isolation and walking down some lonely roads. When reality hit me that I’m solely responsible for my happiness and success the road to adulthood became a lot quieter.

7 – Dating is very weird and confusing

Good luck finding the love of your life because the world of dating as an adult is a wild and scary place. I have given up because I can’t come and kill myself out here. I don’t believe in love fairytales anymore and that is solely because adulthood has shown me the truth about love. It’s another scam that requires a whole new blog post but a girl ain’t got that kind of time. So before I go I just wanted to point out that dating as an adult is the following trash, bottle barrel and the absolute ghetto.

adulthood is a scam

To conclude adulthood is the biggest scam going and only the fittest survive. Put your best foot forward every time. Stay focused, committed and hungry but most importantly don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

Scam your way through adulthood before it scams you and that is that on that

Jenna’s World View
adulthood is a scam

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Stay Blessed

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