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Last week I rushed off afterwork to spend an evening with Liberty living. A multi award winning organisation known for providing student accommodation services in London. Without a doubt the masterclass was exactly what the doctor ordered. It was held at the premium co-working space Fora in the heart of Spitalfields. The evening consisted of Yoga, a workshop about Mindful and an interactive talk about nutrition. This was perfect for me because since the beginning of 2019 I’ve been ever so vocal about my commitment to better self care. Liberty Living put on a fruitful event that provided me with just that plus more.

Attendees included University students and young professionals like myself. The purpose of the event was to provide an evening of relaxation that promotes better wellbeing. The masterclass kicked off at 6pm but unfortunately due to the shenanigans of the central line I arrived after 7pm. Rushing to the venue left me feeling very flustered. However as soon as I entered the venue I was met with a warm and reassuring smile plus a glass of Prosecco. As I waited for the interval I helped myself to some tasty finger food. There was everything from sandwiches, lightly seasoned crackers, vegetables and variety of dips and hummus.

What I got up to

Yoga Is Bae – I took part in what I believe to be the best Yoga class I’ve done in a long time. The Yoga session was perfect for me as it gave me the chance to focus on my stretches. Something I’ve been neglecting as of lately. The session was very interactive. Our teacher was attentive and walked us through every single move as well as guided our breathing. If this wasn’t enough she even fed us little gems and tips that we could take home. I’m no stranger to yoga but sometimes I forget just how beneficial it can be for my wellbeing.

We were shown exercises that we could do at work or home if we became stressed or overwhelmed. Ten minutes into it and I certainly wasn’t the same woman who was rushing in 10minutes prior. The infusion of the aromatherapy oils really helped created a soothing and calming atmosphere. Our lovely yoga teacher dropped this gem on us..Be Present & Breathe

Most of us if not all are guilty of not doing one or the other properly. This has since been added this to my daily affirmations and I remind myself of it every morning. To conclude our session I was reminded of the following – Yoga helps to reduce stress, improve breathing, balance, stability and increase energy. (10/10)


Healthy relationships with food is key One of my highlights of the evening was our chat with a qualified nutritionist. We spoke about maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, essential nutrients for the brain and optimizing good gut health. What I liked most about this session was that it was inclusive of those who do not eat animal products. We were given lots of knowledge about different ways we could maintain a balanced diet. Key take aways – Avoid refined sugars and grains.

The nutritionist discussed the importance of taking supplements, key vitamins and antioxidants. And the different ways we can optimise the gut microbiome’s. Another key thing that I took away was the consumption of fresh vegetables on a daily basis helps to increase bacteria diversity in the gut. I’m now a lot more mindful of this and have since ensured this is part of my balanced diet. Altogether it was an extremely informative and I certainly walked away more knowledgeable and more determined than ever to build a healthier with my food.

Important gems that took away from an evening with Liberty Living

To conclude this masterclass was 10 out 10. It served as a great reminder how hectic living in London can be. The struggle to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle is even more of a challenge. For this reason it’s so important for everyone to try and incorporate yoga, mindfulness and better nutrition into our lifestyles. Below are 4 key gems that I took away with me:

  • Be present & Breath
  • Eat foods that are colorful
  • Listen to your body and mind
  • Avoid processed foods by any means necessary

All in all I would like to thank the team at LL for inviting me down to their masterclass. Feel free to check them out on the socials.

@LibertyLivingUK and the hashtag #LibertyLivingHealthy.

Check out their mental health hub for more resources.

All images were taken by – Elouisa Georgiou –

Stay Blessed

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