My first solo trip was a nothing short of amazing

I’d never never thought that my first solo trip would be to somewhere like Sweden. I always imagined it being New York. I first visited when I was 18 fell in love with the city and I promised myself that I’de would some day go back alone. It’s funny how life works out because I ended up in Gothenburg the second largest city in Sweden. Since launching Jennas World View in 2018, a solo trip has been high on my to-do list. I made a promise to myself that 2019 was going to be the year I took the plunge. I kept that promise to myself but trust me it wasn’t easy promise to keep. Before I booked my trip I went back and forth in my mind several times and even after that.

The fear of the unknown can do that to you. It’ll make even the most confident person in the world question themselves as well as their abilities. Now I wont go into all that I got up to on my first solo trip just yet. Only because I have a mini series Getaway to Gothenburg for one coming to you soon. I just wanted to share 3 key things my First Solo Trip Taught Me About Myself , enjoy.

my first solo trip

1. I’ve never really been alone

One of the main things travelling solo did for me was give me the chance to be alone. I didn’t realise until this trip that I’ve never actually been by myself ever. As exaggerated as that may sound it’s 100% true. I’ve always been around my family, never ever been short of friends and up until three years ago I had a partner. Being alone in an unknown country and environment is a different kind of alone. There are no familiar faces to turn to just in case something goes down. It was just me, myself and I. Now I’m no stranger to my own company, I’ve just never been in a place in my life where I’ve had no one to run to. In the past when my back has been up against the wall someone has ALWAYS been there for me.

my first solo trip


Not many people in the world can say or relate to that. I didn’t even realise how much of a privilege that was until I found myself alone in another country. Yes, I had my smartphone with me and yes I could have called home at any given moment. But this sudden realization humbled me because it was something that I didn’t give much thought to before. I’m definitely self sufficient and yes I can do things alone but I don’t really have to. On this trip it was time for me to see who Jenna was and what Jenna could do without the support of family and few trusted friends.

I don’t know why but being alone will make you much more reflective than usual. It was as if all of my senses had been heightened. I was more aware of everything and everyone around me including myself. I vibrated at a different frequency because I was able to really tap in to myself. On this trip I was the main priority. There was no pressure or demanding obligations that required my attention. I wasn’t being pulled in many different directions. Instead I had the freedom to I move in whatever direction my heart felt led. For the first time in a long time I was exercising my freedom.

2. I can do ALL things

Now as much as I’m a very confident woman I sometimes experience short lived moments of self-doubt. In the lead up to my trip my anxiety levels were through the roof. My nerves were all over the place and all kinds of fears were running through my mind. “Will I get kidnapped”? “What if I get lost”? How will I communicate with people if I’m not fluent in the language”? “What if I miss my flight”? I aggressively questioned myself trying to work out if I was capable of doing this solo travel thing. But the truth was I was more than capable.

All I needed to do was adjust my mindset towards my trip and stop letting self-doubt live rent free in my head. Because what I thought about myself and my abilities ultimately determined the success of my time in Gothenburg. Exercising an active positive mental attitude will always leads you to the doors of success. The fact that I was able navigate through unfamiliar territory, go off the beaten path and strike up conversations with strangers further proved to me that I really could do ALL things.

my first solo trip

3. The world is my oyster

Once I managed to get over my short episode of self doubt I was able to settle into Gothenburg nicely. It took me no less than a few hours to catch my bearings. As soon as I found my feet it was game time. Roaming around the streets of Gothenburg I felt a strong sense of freedom and independence. Here I was alone doing the damn thing. My mind was racing thinking about all the other countries around the world that I could take on alone too. I’m not sure if you’re know but I’ve always wanted to live and work abroad. For years I put the idea off but being alone in Gothenburg reignited that fire in me again. This idea has been nothing but a dream for years but my trip made me see that it’s a dream that could actually become reality.

Life is to be lived

There is nothing stopping me from making my dreams come true. I have no obstacles or people standing in my way. It’s all on me and the life that I want to have is possible. It’s crazy because I thought my life was damn near over three years ago (Click here for my context). My life has changed so much since then and while reflecting in Gothenburg it dawned on me that God has given a me second chance at this life thing.

The world is my oyster and I need to grab hold of it with my two hands and make the most of it. I can be anything I want to be, do anything I want to do and I go anywhere that my heart truly desires. Cheers to my first solo trip. I welcome many moRe with open arms. It is my hope that I can go further out into the world to explore and learn.

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Share this post with a loved one and for those of you who are well seasoned in solo travelling what have those experiences taught you about yourself? feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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