Today is August 1st, which means it is Emancipation day across most Caribbean Islands. I am sending a big Happy Emancipation Day to all my West Indian people near and far!

Acknowledgement is a form of respect to our ancestors

Declared a public holiday, August 1st marks the end of slavery in the British empire. Most Caribbean countries celebrate on the first of August 1, whilst others vary across the month. The beautiful twin island Trinidad and Tobago was the first country in the world to declare Emancipation day a public holiday. Rightly replacing “discovery day”, in honor of that fraud Christopher Columbus! Following the atrocities both carried out towards Black Africans and their descendants, between him and the British Empire, I don’t know who is worse? 

Don’t be bitter just aim to be better

Now this post is in no way intended to bash the British empire or CC. I just don’t want us as a people to never forget what really went down and key figures heads who had a part to play in our dark history. However, all of us connected to the diaspora should take this day to reflect on the atrocities they carried out throughout centuries to the African race. Till this day we are still being impacted by what still stands from the residue. Despite this, black people today are now somewhat more liberated and emancipated than our ancestors. But there is still more work that needs to be done in order for US to repair and heal as a people! 

We must stay committed to freeing ourselves from the shackles of mental slavery and build effectively together on the foundation our ancestors have left behind.

For this reason Emancipation Day is a day of great importance to us all. It is a day for deep reflection and appreciation of what those endured during a bloody pursuit to freedom. Now I wont give you an in depth history lesson here because google, wisdom and knowledge is free. But I will encourage you to actively read up about your history, bloodline, culture as well as heritage. For me just knowing that my ancestors were forced to change their names, languages and beliefs plus more puts a different spring in my step.


“Even though the road is long, No matter what come I know I go make it”

The JWV Day Party is a sold out affair. All roads now lead to Streatham Space Project on Saturday 3d August 2019. The event kicks off at 2pm please don’t be late. I would like for you to get the most out of the day.

Stay Blessed

Lots of Love