It seems like only yesterday I stood in church calling in 2019, emotional, hopeful and very excited for the year ahead of me. I remember feeling super eager to step into a new year and immerse myself in whatever was destined for me. Being that this was only seven months ago I am particularly shocked by how fast time is going. We’ll soon be saying goodbye to this year and hello to 2020. As we’re now halfway through 2019; let’s reflect and reposition ourselves so that we can take on these last remaining months. Considering we’ve just entered July it’s the perfect time to pump the brakes, catch your breath and reflect.

Now I don’t what the first half of 2019 has been like for you. You may have set some goals, smashed them or things may have totally went left. Whichever side of the fence you stand on I believe that you’ll benefit from taking a moment to stop and take everything in. Reflection grants us clarity to see where things have gone pear shaped and it gives us the ability to assess where things are actually going. Upon deep reflection one is able to reposition themselves, their outlook on life as well as their goals. So whether you’re off track right now or you just need to go a little harder the time is now to get a good grip of things.

It is never too late

Despite what 2019 has been like so far you still have the ability to make the most of what is left of it. My question to you is are you really about that life? Do you have what it takes to flip the rest of this year on its head? Seeing as we’re halfway through you have the perfect opportunity to change direction. Don’t stay in your current position or convince yourself that it is too late for change. It is never too late for change. Unless you’re dead in the grave and seeing as your’e not because you’re here reading this, it’s time for you to get this work.

Halfway through 2019 personal reflection questions

I put together seven (my favourite number) questions to help you reflect and plan ahead for the yea. Life is busy, we’re always on our phones and constantly bouncing from work to home and vice versa. Finding the time to be still and silent with your thoughts is becoming more and more challenging for many people, including myself. SO I encourage you and myself to make personal reflection a priority in the second half of 2019. I guarantee that your life will drastically improve. So explore these questions in your own time and use them to help you reposition yourself for the rest of the year. Remember to answer as honestly as you can and don’t feel pressured to complete them all at once.

  1. What do you believe about yourself and the world around you?
  2. What did the first half of 2019 teach you about yourself?
  3. What hurdles came up more than once in the first half of the year? (time, money, attitude, location, knowledge, etc.)
  4. What did you start and not finish?
  5. How do you know when you’re being completely authentic? When did you last feel that way?
  6. How do you plan to exercise the courage to stretch, grow and learn?
  7. What will you put in place in order to ensure you achieve you goals for the rest of 2019?

Hello July

It is not a coincidence but by divine appointment that you spared the time to read my blog today. I hope this short message puts a spring in your step and inspires you to finish the race. Yes, we’re halfway through 2019 but there is still enough time for things to turn around. Do not be discouraged by what you faced in the first half of 2019. Keep your head held high and continue to look ahead. Above all, stay ten toes down because like Nipsey Hussle (REIP) said the game (life) is going to test you and when it does you must never fold.

Stay Blessed

Lots of Love




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