On to the next one: Bye January

Is is a complete and utter shocker that January 2019 has practically come to an end.

Before you know it summer 2019 would have come and gone and we will be gearing up towards Christmas.

For most people their new year actually starts in February. January is a warm up for the year ahead. If you are gearing up to give 2019 another go, read on for a little pep talk. Over the last few weeks I know I have kept screaming about this but I urge you to be intentional with your TIME this year.

Use it wisely and be mindful of whom you spend it with.

None of us know what 2019 will bring to our doorsteps but I guarantee if we utilize out time effectively and sow seeds there is no doubt in my mind that we will reap a fruitful harvest. In that being said, please do what you have to do by any means necessary to take care of your mind, body and soul. If something interrupts your PEACEhandle it with immediate effect.

Bruk out of your shell

Be open to trying new things, meeting new people, venture off to new places and most importantly stop waiting on others to make things happen. Book that trip, start that course, finish your business plan etc.

Most importantly, be committed to yourself and if you fall off at any point during 2019, do not be afraid to get back up. My word for 2019 is TRANSFORMATION and I will be holding on to it for dear life. Whatever comes my way this year, this word will be at the forefront of my mind so that I don’t lose my focus. It is not too late to find your word for 2019. Choose one or a few and hold on to them.

If you haven’t already check out The SELF series where I drop a few more gems that you need in your life this year.

One last thing: Thank you for all the love and support that you have shown to Jennasworldview.com. My one year birthday will be on Saturday 2nd March 2019. So over the month of February, I will be working closely with The Coco Creativ to upgrade Jennasworldview.com.

My 1 year Birthday 🎈 glow up is pending so please watch this space 😄

Also I have lots of announcements to follow, so be sure to stay in the loop.

Stay blessed

Lots of Love