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Welcome back to ’The SELF series’ I hope you have already started to put in place the things we spoke in Part 1 3 Ways to Practice Self-Love in 2019

I truly believe that once you get to grips with the Self-love thing you can start to get yourself well acquainted with Self-care. In my mind, the two go hand in hand, although it is possible to indulge in one much more than the other. Regardless of how you choose to get it in, Self-care should be a major component in our everyday lives. If you want to be about that Self-Care life in 2019 check out my tips below.

S E L F – C A R E

the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being, health and happiness.

Self care tips


When it comes down to Self-care I will always encourage others to do what is best for them. What I might define as Self-care for me, might look completely foreign to you. What works for me, might not necessarily work for you. That is ok because different strokes for different folks. However, I do want to point out that self-care is much more than getting your nails done or buying yourself a new pair of trainers.

Self-care is an intentional act that serves the Mind, Body & Soul. If you are new to the Self-care movement or have never paid much attention to it, let me walk in you through ways you can incorporate it into your life in 2019.


The Mind

The Mind is one of the most valuable assets that human beings have and we often underestimate the amount of power that it holds. A healthy, functioning and sound mind is something we should all strive to have and maintain in 2019.

Self care tips

Positive thoughts

Our mind is like soil in the ground and our thoughts and ideas are the seeds that we plant in it. This is why it is important to ensure you are looking after your mind and watering it with things that are fruitful, nourishing and help you grow as a person. Remember your thoughts become things, good or bad.


Once you declutter the negative noise in your mind, reprogramme and fill yourself up with good thoughts that you can start to declare and affirm out loud.

Self care tips

Hold up there is more…

– Unplug

There is one day out of the week when I don’t use social media. Now, this may seem unbelievable because I know you see me on your feed promoting the blog or throwing my two cents in, but it is true lol. Unplugging from your socials will do your mind a world of good, it will slow you down and give you the chance to do so many other productive things like reading a book, prayer or meditation.


Sometimes you need a fresher perspective and a listening ear from someone who is in your corner without any emotional attachments. Counselling gives you the opportunity to clear your mind in a healthy way, be in a space that is safe, non-judgemental and guarantees that your voice will be heard.


The Body

I know you probably have heard this a thousand times before but our body is our temple. It is our responsibility to look after it by doing what we need to do to keep everything in order. When it comes to practising Self-care on your own body, I am sure you already know what you need to be doing. But just in case you need a reminder, here are some Self- care ideas that will help you look after your body.

Self care tips

– A good night sleep

We put our bodies under a lot of strain and stress on a daily basis and to add insult to injury we don’t get enough sleep. Most of us are running on empty which is basically like driving around in a car with the petrol light on red. Do yourself and your body a favour and start getting in some proper sleep. On a Saturday if I don’t have any plans,  I let my body sleep in until whatever o clock.

Make changes

Portion control, meal prep, up your intake of one food group, reduce another. Commit to more physical activity, drink more water and mind your business, lol. Set yourself a few small goals and stick to them.

Most of us are guilty of neglecting our bodies but this year make an effort to get things in order. Book that doctors appointment, go to the dentist, visit the opticians, start taking your vitamins etc. To my Ladies, if you are over 25 book a Smear test.


The Soul

Self-care for the soul is something that is so easily overlooked, that it usually goes over most peoples head. It is impossible to function at full capacity without the nourishment of your soul. Below are two activities that will soothe your soul.

Self care tips

– Forgiveness

Most people struggle with forgiveness whether it be towards others or themselves. But carrying any kind un-forgiveness in your spirit will leave your walking around with an unsettled soul. In my last post, I told you to let things go that no longer serve you, but whilst you’re at it don’t forget to forgive others and yourself in the process.


Another universal language of the world is prayer and it also serves as food for our soul. There is nothing I love more in this world than prayer, it is one of my special gifts and my day is unable to flow properly without it. Prayer gives you the opportunity to pour yourself out to God. It allows you to connect to the source, recharge and reflect. If you don’t know what to pray for, start by giving thanks for your life. It will leave you feeling very refreshed and empowered.

Self care tips

I hope you have found this piece informative as well as helpful. Remember you can use this as a rough guide to help you create a Self-care routine that works for you. Pace yourself and just take it day by day.

Please do bear in mind that it only takes 21 days to form a habit. So commit yourself to the process, be intentional and prioritise. Self-care is a priority and necessity that is essential in order for you to have a better 2019.

For more tips on Self-Care, check out my board on Pinterest, don’t forget to Pin it.

Stay Blessed

Lots of Love


Self care tips

Just so you know:

The final post of this series will be out next week and it is all about ‘SELF PROMO’.

If you are one of those people who struggle to put yourself forward for opportunities or showcase your skills and talents then that post will most definitely be for you.