My Grandad passed away when I was 8 this was my first real encounter with death. I did not react to the news immediately though.  It was a couple of weeks later on the day of his funeral when everything finally hit me. The moment I saw his casket pulling up in the hearse pulling up to my estate I completely lost the plot. I was young and I didn’t really understand it all, but I certainly felt it. Since then I have encountered 5 more close deaths 3 out of that 5, unfortunately were murders.

Each encounter was negative and somewhat traumatic and I have not had anything positive to say where death was concerned. At my big age, I just do not understand why people you love have to die. Losing a loved one is one of the most painful things in life and I just didn’t think it it fair.

I have come to understand that most things in life are not fair and I just have to deal with it. However, with time comes growth and understanding and my mindset towards death has somewhat changed which has now led me to the following.

The only thing that is promised to us in this life-time is death.

It is written.

One can not cheat it nor can one escape

because truth be told when it is your time, it is your time.

It is kind of scary when you think about it because neither you or I know when it will be our time . It does blow my mind that we can have so many dreams for our lives but the only thing that is guaranteed to all of us is death. This is a universal truth that not even I am ready for because it is one heavy pill to swallow.

Dying is a part of the circle of life. With every end comes a new beautiful beginning. Although most new beginnings hurt like hell there is always something beautiful to be found on the other side of it. Transitioning is apart of life and at some point in life we all have to go through it.

When I hear of people dying, I have often thought that it was a mistake like maybe God got it wrong. But I have been alive long enough to know that God makes no mistakes. Death is not a mistake. For everything in life there is a time to be born and there is also a time to die. None of us should look at and death as a bad thing because there is always something to learn or gain from it.

The sudden death of supermodel Kim Porter really got me thinking and it inspired this blog post. If you are not a fan of hip-hop music you probably won’t be too familiar with who that is. But Kim Porter was a former supermodel, a part of hip-hop royalty, a Mother of 4, 3 of which she shared with music mogul Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs, whom I absolutely LOVE!

The news shocked me to my core, I am a fan of both and I have kept up with them and their kids on the socials for years. I felt so sad by the news to the point where my heart actually sunk. The last celebrity death that shocked me in this way was Whitney Houston’s. If you follow me on Twitter you probably have seen me professing my love her for on a regular basis.

For me, there was something different about the news of Kim Porters passing that really made me stop and really reflect. I think I probably read every tribute for her on Instagram from her family and friends and the way they spoke about her truly humbled me. I know when people die, everybody has something amazing to say about them but reading those tributes it was clear to me that Kim had a profound impact on the lives that she touched. All of the tributes were so heart felt and some even brought me to tears.

I was so moved to the point where it made me really question myself.

I questioned whether I was living abundantly?.

Am I walking in love and light?

Am I living gracefully?

Am I compassionate enough?

Am I being Kind?

Am I forgiving wholeheartedly?

Am I being selfless?

Am I holding on to my past?

Am I walking in my God-given purpose?

I literally held myself under a magnifying glass and examined every aspect of my life and boy it was very insightful.

“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

It was so weird because I felt like God gave me an unusual wake-up call. It left me with no other choice but to really evaluate myself from the inside out. I realised that what I do with my life whilst I am still alive and how I make people feel is what matters the most, above everything else.

It is so weird how death can just put things into perspective. After you get over the shook it can be very enlightening. I didn’t even know that I needed and I am glad it shifted my perspective on life and the way I will live it going forward. I know you are probably thinking Jenna this is some heavy stuff and yes it is. But I just wanted to share this because it really got me thinking about my own life. As crazy as this sounds there are so many valuable life lessons that can be learned through death. We just have to change our perspective!

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This post was a lot, so of course, you know that I have to end it with a prayer, scroll down to read below.


Prayer: Dear God, thank you for blessing us with the greatest blessing above all which is the gift of life. In saying that Lord, I know that we are not created to live forever, but we were created to live a fulfilling and abundant life that showcases all of your glory. I give you thanks and praise for the divine assignment over the life of myself and my readers. God, I kindly ask of you that none of us will leave this earth before our time. May the purpose of our true existence be manifested in its full form. Keep us all away from all harm and evil, but help us to walk in love, peace and real happiness. AMEN 🙏🏾

Stay blessed

Lots of love