As promised, here is the first edition of my Travel Glam Lookbook. It features four outfits from my past travel adventures. We all know that flying out can be costly and when you start adding holiday clothes to the equation those costs can increase, especially if you are a last-minute packer like me.

Although there are some perks to this as I have been able to grab some major bargains and look my best for less. Shout out to Zara sale, Pretty little thing promo codes, Brick-laneASOS next day delivery they be the Plugs. As if finding the right clothes to buy wasn’t enough, figuring out the best way to put them together can be even more stressful.

From a young age, I always heard my mum say “mi wear clothes, clothes nuh wear mi”. For those of you who are not fluent in Pat-Wah, my mum is basically saying she makes the clothes look good and not the other way around. My mum has taught me that it doesn’t matter what you wear, where you get it from or how much it cost, but how you wear it.


JWV Travel Glam Tip 101: Plan your outfits for each day of your trip, as this will assist you to compile a variety of looks and decrease your chances of over packing.

1 – Tourist/casual attire

Sightseeing is a big part of my travel adventures. I definitely make lots of memories when I am out and about exploring what a country has to offer. In my time I have had some outfit disasters take place. Like the time my slipper went missing in action in Dubai on my way to the mall or when my jumpsuit miraculously ripped to smithereens in Jamaica. To be honest, most of those things happened due to me not matching my outfits correctly to my activities.

My favourite tourist/casual attire look to date has to be from my recent trip to Rome. I was out sightseeing for most of the days so I made sure that I was comfortable, especially my feet. For one particular look, I kept it casual with all black everything but added a dark multi-coloured vintage shirt just to add some flavour. For footwear, I wore a pair of Chelsea boots and I must say that they were so comfortable as they didn’t give me any problems whatsoever.

The truth is your outfit really depends on the country that you are visiting. In my case, Rome was chilly so I could rock a jacket and boots. If you are planning on doing sightseeing in a warmer country, I suggest that you wear light loose-fitted clothing. There really is no need to overdress when you are out being a tourist. Just ensure that your clothing is causal and remember that comfortability is key. The footwear you choose will literally make or break whatever you wear, so keep that in mind. Oh and don’t forget your dark shades boo, they are essential.

Chelsea Boots – £34,99 – Aldo & Black Jeans – £20 –Berksha


2. Evening drinks

When I travel, I love visiting the bars on the hotel complex or within the local areas. It is a great way to get a real feel for the local area as well as meet new people and fellow travellers. Finding an outfit to wear just for drinks can be tricky though, but I have mastered it.

Peep the look below that I pulled together for evening drinks in Miami back in 2016. I combined a low back bodysuit, wide foot yellow trousers, matching clutch bag, black strappy heels and a subtle gold necklace. I love beaming colours like yellow as they complement my melanin so effortlessly. Any bold colour combined with black or white is a winning combination in my eyes.


Trousers – £25 Zara  & Clutch bag – £18 River Island 

Wide foot trousers can be seen as really sophisticated but there are multiple ways in which they can be dressed up or down. Every woman should have a least one pair in their travel wardrobe alongside a black pair of strappy heels. Both are simple items that can add so much volume to an outfit.
Give this look a go when you are pulling together your looks. Maybe swop the yellow for white or nude and maybe even try some low sandals. River Island, come through with the sassy sandals, their collection is super fancy you can never go wrong.

3 –Restaurant dining

From the beginning of time, women all over the world have sworn by the power of ‘the little black dress’. It is an essential piece of clothing that you can never go wrong with having in your case.

Below is an outfit that I wore to dinner on my recent trip to Rome. Black is a classic colour which can be worn with just about anything. For those of you, who are unfond of vibrant colours such as green, try this look with mustard yellow or your desired colours of choice. Just think of the LBD as a blank canvas, that you make come alive with your preferred add-ons.

So here we have it, instead of the classic cosmopolitan little black dress, a few minor adjustments can turn this classic piece into a sexy and chic combo.

Dress – £15 – Pretty Little Thing – Shoes – £9.99 – Zara  – Earrings – £7.99 – Topshop


4 – Swimsuit apparel

Let’s be honest; most people find it hard dealing with the swimwear area for their travel wardrobe. Some, if not most of us are conscious about one or more areas of our bodies, I know this because I am one of those people. For me, my stomach is the area which frustrates me the most.

In the last few years, I discovered that there is so much that can be done to jazz up swimwear. For the look below, I decided to throw in a statement diamante necklace with matching sandals. As this one piece is very bold on its own by adding these additional features l was able to glam things up a bit. The Kaftan was a nice touch to this look. I would highly recommend adding a few to your case as they do help to complement swimwear.

Just like that with a few tweaks, you can give your swimwear a whole new identity.
Have a go at recreating this look with a touch of gold body and hair jewellery, with matching gold sandals. If you are new to wearing statement jewellery a great place to start looking is Topshop, River Island or Aldo, they have some banging pieces at reasonable prices.

Swimsuit £16  & Necklace £22- ASOS   -Slippers – £12.99 –New Look


Our outfits are important on a day to day basis, but even more so when we travel. I always try to make a big effort with my travel wardrobe, from the accessories right down to the clutch bags. In recent years I have taken the time to compile my looks and I always end up with smashing results.

Did you know that research studies have found that the way we wear our clothes influences how we view and interact with the world? ‘The psychology of fashion e-book’ by Professor Karen J Pine suggests that clothes are so powerful that they can either hide or project our true personalities. Clothes carry symbolic meanings because they reveal lots about who we are. So keep this in mind when you are putting together your travel wardrobe as well as your day to day clothes.

THANK YOU for checking out the first edition of my Travel Glam LookbookI hope it inspires you to get creative with your outfits, please remember that you do not need to spend thousands on clothes. You can spend reasonably and still look like a million bucks. Try to mix things up a little, shop around for variety, try new colours and most importantly HAVE FUN with it.

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Stay Fly peeps

Lots Of Love Jenna